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Silencing atheism: I find this news report sad

A billboard put up by an atheist group is vandalized by a theist who apparently could not bear a dissenting opinion on religion within his community: Oops. It doesn’t embed. See it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1SO7K4UL7kk When you can’t even stand exposure to opinions … Continue reading

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This is what a totalitarian intellectual vision looks like

Intellectual opponents rendered invisible and silent. One God. One voice. One people. Ein volk. Ein reich. Ein fuhrer. Think about what this kind of vision means for the adult mind. The hope being expressed above is for a world mediated by fundamentalist vision in such a … Continue reading

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Do fundamentalists own the Bible?

No. No more than Republicans own the American flag. And this is something that annoys me about the post-9-11 New Atheists: they are happy to cede biblical interpretation to fundamentalists. It is as if, in Japan and China, there was … Continue reading

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An atheist writes a song: the Flaming Lips’ “Vein of Stars”

Here’s a really good song with atheist lyrics (or at least agnostic ones): Here are the lyrics: Who knows? Maybe there isn’t a vein of stars calling out my name. No glow from above our heads. Nothing there to see … Continue reading

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