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Paul Krugman on the importance of bank regulation

At his blog, Nobel Prize economist Paul Krugman succinctly explains the importance of banking regulation and why Barack Obama must fight for it—and win: I’m reading Gary Gorton’s Slapped by the Invisible Hand, which tells us that there were bank … Continue reading

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John Boehner on Health Care Reform: Hell no you can’t!

John Boehner’s “Hell no you can’t!” as a Republican refrain worked into Will.i.am’s “Yes we can” song. Tears of laughter rolling down my cheeks: Oh, and yes we did.

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Yes we can, John Boehner

And we did. John Boehner added to the classic Will.i.am song: The above reminds me of the Beatles song where Paul McCartney sings sunnily “It’s getting better all the time” accompanied by John Lennon singing “It can’t get much worse!”

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