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In Case You Missed It: Welcome to Laredo, Texas! 250,000 People, Zero Bookstores!

This was in the Los Angeles Times a couple of months back: Laredo, Texas, is set to become the largest U.S. city without a bookstore. The B. Dalton in the Mall del Norte, owned by parent company Barnes & Noble, is … Continue reading

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Conservative Brick Throwers and Tim Pawlenty: Did Tim Pawlenty Call on Republicans to Smash Federal Government Building Windows?

“Conservative” paired with “brick thrower” would appear to be an oxymoron. But not among contemporary American conservatives. And at CPAC recently, Tim Pawlenty seems to have called on conservatives to engage in acts of violence against the federal government’s buildings that eerily anticipated … Continue reading

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“Epistemic closure”: Julian Sanchez on American Conservative Insularity

At his blog today, Julian Sanchez uses the phrase “epistemic closure” to describe contemporary American “conservatism” (which I would call, in fact, a neo-authoritarian cultural movement): One of the more striking features of the contemporary conservative movement is the extent to … Continue reading

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