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Karl Giberson and the firing of Dr. Bruce Waltke: “Those of us who teach at Christian colleges write with the knowledge that our books may get us fired”

Given Dr. Bruce Waltke’s recent firing from Reform Theological Seminary in Orlando for saying that evolution is true, what Karl Giberson wrote in Christianity Today back in September of 2008 seems tragically prophetic: Two centuries after evidence began to mount up … Continue reading

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“We cannot allow Christianity to become a cult”: BioLogos on the censorship of Dr. Bruce Waltke’s statements concerning evolution

BioLogos recently posted this response to Reform Theological Seminary’s insistence that Bruce Waltke, one of its professors, take down a video on the BioLogos website in which he says that he accepts the scientific theory of evolution. It should be noted that even though … Continue reading

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“Heathen”: J. Robert Smith revives an old-school religious word, applies it to Barack Obama, and calls for what amounts to a religious war against him

Heathen leftists? Here’s J. Robert Smith in a recent essay for the Rush Limbaugh funded American Thinker: “We have a president and a party (infested with a cabal of heathen leftists) whose grand design is to bloat the state and, hence, … Continue reading

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