“We cannot allow Christianity to become a cult”: BioLogos on the censorship of Dr. Bruce Waltke’s statements concerning evolution

BioLogos recently posted this response to Reform Theological Seminary’s insistence that Bruce Waltke, one of its professors, take down a video on the BioLogos website in which he says that he accepts the scientific theory of evolution. It should be noted that even though the video, on Waltke’s request, was taken down, the seminary still fired him:

The fact that Dr. Waltke felt he was unable to leave the video in place, despite the fact that he still agrees with its contents, is an extremely important statement about the culture of fear within evangelicalism in today’s world. Leading evangelicals who support evolution are rightly fearful of personal attacks on the integrity of their faith and character. Even when they believe that scientific data must be taken seriously, and that science has revealed the ways in which God created the world, they are more willing to be associated with those who are clearly wrong about God’s truth as revealed within His World, and who are thereby also wrong about how they understand His Word. How will the Church ever come to discern truth and falsehood if academic discourse is neutered for fears of public perception? This situation, before us, more than any that we are familiar with in the one year history of biologos.org, poignantly demonstrates the importance of the task we all have.

There are countless people, especially young people, who are discovering that the world of science is not out of touch with reality. Data emerge every day that make this even more clear. As Dr. Waltke himself says in the video, we cannot allow Christianity to become a cult––but this is what will happen if the Church continues to turn its head. When young people discover that neither the science they’ve been taught in their churches nor the theology that undergirds it are credible, many will feel they have to throw out their faith.

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2 Responses to “We cannot allow Christianity to become a cult”: BioLogos on the censorship of Dr. Bruce Waltke’s statements concerning evolution

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  2. Gary says:

    This seems like a poor decision but we don’t have enough information to be sure. Was it a true theological dispute and would a theological difference of a similar magnitude on a different subject have been treated in the same manner? What if Prof. Waltke was teaching that the Bible is generally unreliable and that the story of Creation was just one example. In that case, the seminary probably would have been justified.

    BTW, I believe in micro-evolution but not as a mechanism in the formation of species and certainly not in the initial origin of life. However I did believe these views when I first became a Christian and was saved at that point by coming to faith in Jesus Christ, my belief in macro-evolution notwithstanding.


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