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Is the Noah’s Ark hypothesis the best one for making sense of a WorldNetDaily article claiming that a boat has been found high on Mount Ararat?

In the great battle between scientific experts and young Earth biblical literalists, shall we score one today for the anti-evolutionists? If you believe this WorldNutNetDaily article posted this morning, then the answer is yes, for Noah’s Ark has been found! Really. And … Continue reading

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David Hart v. Kevin Drum: Is God Completely Full of It?

A plenitude is something or someone completely full of it (whatever it happens to be). And so the question arises: is God best defined as a plenitude, as when David Hart calls God “an absolute plenitude of actuality”? In other words, is … Continue reading

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Kevin Drum sasses David Hart for sassing the New Atheists

David Hart’s oh-so-high-minded critique of the New Atheism pretends that any atheism that does not confront Thomas Aquinas and Nietzsche head-on and with the nuances that they deserve, should earn, not our praise, but our contempt, to which Kevin Drum … Continue reading

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