Sarah Palin Shows Disdain for a Middle Class Teacher

In the following clip, Sarah Palin doesn’t even try to conceal her contempt for a teacher (that is, someone devoted to developing the life of the mind and a love of books in her young charges). It’s as if Sarah Palin were saying to this woman, “Being a teacher is lame. And there’s no money in teachingIt must suck to be you”:   

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15 Responses to Sarah Palin Shows Disdain for a Middle Class Teacher

  1. Cody Deitz says:

    The tone in her voice makes me cringe.

  2. andrewclunn says:

    Isn’t she proof that she’s right about teachers though?

  3. G.I. Zero says:

    Too bad that teacher couldn’t teach sex education to her dirty daughter that got knocked up by another uneducated idiot. pffft and these are the leaders of the tea party movement.

    • andrewclunn says:

      I don’t think it’s fair to bring her daughter into it. Also as a tea party person myself, I’m kind of put of by the rest of your comment too.

      • santitafarella says:

        The daughter comes across as someone who has been home schooled by Sarah Palin.


      • G.I. Zero says:

        The daughter is fair game since Sarah was throwing it out everywhere that the young parents were engaged again, until they found out old Levi had already fathered another child, oops. It seems Levi should go after Sarah instead of Bristol, they seem to have more in common. As far as you being a member of the tea baggers, I’m sorry you couldn’t do better for yourself. Cheers!

      • And given as an example of castity-only-sex-education, AFAIK.

  4. concerned christian says:

    at least she did not do that

    • santitafarella says:

      Bob Etheridge is pathetic, and the student comported himself with dignity. But are you saying that the justified response to someone asking a question is to assault them: that Sarah Palin and her daughter were within their rights to physically drive the woman in the video away from them, and that the fact that this wasn’t done shows their restraint?

      If not, then what is your point? No violence in response to questioning represents sainthood?


  5. concerned christian says:

    Definitely I was not suggesting that, what I noticed in the encounter between Sarah and the teacher is the following
    1. The teacher was condescending she was treating Sarah as if she is a first grader in her class and she was chiding her for her actions. Please listen carefully to what the teacher said and the way she said it, and tell me if you agree with her behavior.
    2. Sarah was trying to be non confrontational and avoid responding directly to the teacher’s “should I say harassment”. In doing that she may have sounded more like a teenager dealing with her overbearing mother.
    3. I don’t see why such an episode can be used to condemn Sarah, I believe that the blame can be divided between the two sides, and in my biased view i think the teacher deserve more blame than Sarah.

    • santitafarella says:


      Palin wants to be PRESIDENT. Look at the video again. Is that the wit and demeanor of someone you want in the presidency? Seriously? She can’t handle a basic exchange with a cynical, unmystified citizen protester. Why? Because Palin deflates immediately under scrutiny and unsympathetic questioning. She can’t handle it. She’s a phony. It’s why she’s never gone on Meet the Press. And she will be the Republican nominee for PRESIDENT in 2010.


  6. concerned christian says:

    And to add insult to injury Ms Gustafson is a fraud. Now the story started to fizzle after MSM made a big fuss about it.

    • santitafarella says:


      Defamining the protester is blue pipe smoke. If you absorb what this video means—what it says about Palin when she is drawn outside of her bubble of PR managers—the proper response is to be flabbergasted that a great country would even consider bringing such an unserious person so near to the presidency. There’s nothing there. She’s the Wizard of Oz.


      • concerned christian says:

        Then I guess what was done to Joe the Plumber was also a blue pipe smoke. As for Sarah Palin, I am not one of her fans, but I felt that she was unfairly treated by many on the left.

  7. Isn’t lovely the way the security guy initially try to block the video? It took what, a full minute before somebody wispers in his ear ‘stop doing that asshole’?

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