Muslims in England Burn the U.S. Constitution

The below video represents Herderian politics in action: underground men, as if stepping out of the shadows of a Dostoevsky or Conrad novel, possessed of a collectivist ideology that has made them mad, eat bitterness together. It is a protest in Britain initiated by the recent threat (since withdrawn) of a Florida pastor to burn Qurans. 

At the 55 second mark of this video, a man declares America’s Jeffersonian Constitution to be an establishment of law that is in direct opposition to Sharia. As such, in addition to burning an American flag, he announces that a copy of the Constitution is also to be burned. As the flag and Constitution are burned, the protesters chant their opposition to democracy. Apparently, the logic of their opposition to democracy runs thus: democracy is the way that those in the West make law, but the law once and for all given by God in the Quran has already set society’s compass aright, and so democracy can only diminish the orientation of humans toward God, never really enhance it.

This antidemocratic syllogism obviously bodes ill for the psyches of all who absorb its poison. Indeed, the people in this video, I think it is fair to say, having imbibed it in so grotesque and crass a manner, have made themselves enemies of universal human rights and are rightly to be despised. Their understandable outrage at the death of Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan is no excuse for so complete and self-indulgent a public and collective surrender to hate, irrationality, and primitivism.

I only hope that the future of Islam does not belong to hearts and minds so dark, but finds its future in Muslims like Abdullah Antepli and Hussein Rashid. Indeed, if the future of Islam belongs to the haters in this video, then Islam has no future at all (nor, perhaps, does the rest of humanity):

In contrast to this ugliness, I’m working for this. How about you?:

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