Johann Hari Makes the Case for the Pope’s Arrest

Eloquent. Shocking. Pro-Catholic.

Johann Hari on Pope Joseph Ratzinger’s flagrant criminality, and why he should not be above the law (and notice Richard Dawkins standing behind Hari):

Andrew Sullivan, a Catholic, has also been wise to Ratzinger. Here’s some of what Sullivan said, back in March, about just one of the crimes committed by this grotesque parody of a follower of Jesus:

[I]f the Pope asked Brady to resign, wouldn’t he also have to ask himself to resign? After all, the Pope was part of a similar cover-up in Germany in which then-cardinal Ratzinger knowingly assigned a pedophile priest to therapy, without informing the authorities that he knew that the priest had forced an eleven year old boy to fellate him, and then allowed that priest to continue in his career, with his finally being convicted of more child abuse six years later. He was only removed from pastoral duties a few days ago.

And here’s Christopher Hitchens on Ratzinger at Slate (also back in March of this year):

The Roman Catholic Church is headed by a mediocre Bavarian bureaucrat once tasked with the concealment of the foulest iniquity, whose ineptitude in that job now shows him to us as a man personally and professionally responsible for enabling a filthy wave of crime. Ratzinger himself may be banal, but his whole career has the stench of evil—a clinging and systematic evil that is beyond the power of exorcism to dispel. What is needed is not medieval incantation but the application of justice—and speedily at that.

Will Ratzinger ever be brought to justice?

Membership has its privileges?


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4 Responses to Johann Hari Makes the Case for the Pope’s Arrest

  1. andrewclunn says:

    Well at least there’s this:

    Man suing Vatican:

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