What Is The Universe? And What Should We Be Doing In It?

My guess is that the universe may be the mind of God calculating—then presenting the sums, before the witness of consciousness, in four dimensions (height, width, depth, and time). The universe, as it were, is the ones and zeroes made flesh; God’s search engine, initiated with a bang, moving through forms and presenting them to our witness. Each moment is a sum perceived and savored (or missed!) by us. Alternations of pleasure and pain, beauty and ugliness, clarity and delusion, complexity and simplicity, being and nothingness, energy and pause, idea and forgetfulness are the calculation moving. The mind of God is capacious; it holds every move with generosity, including you, then lets it go into the next.

So do as you will. But what role will gratitude play in your life? Aren’t you thankful to be a conscious being in a universe where one of the things in it is love? Might you try more of that? And might the calculation be playing itself out, in some sense, to that final sum?

Maybe we are the bearers of the delicate thread of God’s love in the midst of change. Perhaps that’s why we’re in the equation. Maybe love, like wine, is one of the compensating gifts of God to all beings in the calculating fire. And just as we share the wine around whenever we have a bottle—for it is a comfort to all—maybe one of life’s purposes is to share love around.

Is that your intuition as well?

Is the kingdom of Godthe kingdom of lovewithin you? Is your wineskin full and are you sharing it?

About Santi Tafarella

I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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4 Responses to What Is The Universe? And What Should We Be Doing In It?

  1. Christ's Angel says:

    The kingdom of God is in the hearts of men.

  2. concerned christian says:

    I will go outside my Christian Faith and address your question from an agnostic point of view; focussing on two issues.
    First, I am always fascinated by the unlimited capacity of mere humans. The list of humans who accomplish superhuman feats are long. Where did Socrates, Plato, Da Vinci, Michael Angelo, Mozart, Beethoven, Shakespeare, Tolstoy, Newton, Einstein, and many more super-humans got their gifts and talents.
    Second, why we ask all these deep questions about the meaning of life, and why can’t we live just like children, considering the world as a big sandbox, where we have fun for a while and then we leave?
    The superhuman talents and the unlimited curiosity of human beings are just two signs that there must be something bigger than ourselves hidden somewhere, what and where is it?

  3. I asked exactly this question and came out with a different answer. (I guess I was coming from a different angle, too.) http://spritzophrenia.wordpress.com/2010/09/15/what-is-the-universe-telling-me/

    Sorry for the “dump and run”, I will come back and answer your question properly later, Santi 🙂

  4. Colin Hutton says:


    Nice poetry (postmodern); indifferent theology (Eastern); bad science (no evidence).


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