Agnosticism and Marketing

At Marginal Revolution today, economist Tyler Cowen was asked about whether there are some especially good economic ideas out there that are hard to popularize, and his answer led to a brief digression on complexity and agnosticism:

[I]t is hard to popularize “maybe” claims, agnoticism, uncertainties, confidence intervals, and contingencies.  The marketing process encourages excess certainty.

Confidence and oversimplification sells.

It ain’t easy being agnostic.

About Santi Tafarella

I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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1 Response to Agnosticism and Marketing

  1. Good observation of the link between this “eternal booming” expectation or other “absolute” determinism who in reality are simply believe systems reinforcing both a mad driven economy.
    I get allergic goose pimples each time I meet one of these “leader to the one and unique truth”, as much the faith imposers, the “positivists” or the “god don’t exist because the science is what I believe it is.” clowns.
    My agnosticism( do I even need a “ism”? a label?to describe simply open minded curiosity towards life reality !) allows me the wide spectrum from spiritual insides up to not know where my socks are.
    Authenticity is delightful in oneself and in other.

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