A Good Jerry Brown Ad

I love California. I love Jerry Brown.

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I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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7 Responses to A Good Jerry Brown Ad

  1. ice gal says:

    He lived on K street with Linda Ronstat!
    Saw that on MSNBC the other day. I hope he wins and, my family in CA is supporting him!

    • santitafarella says:

      Ice Gal:

      Jerry Brown has always been one of my heroes. I sometimes wish he’d beaten Bill Clinton in 1992 and had had a shot at being president. But Bill Clinton had a pretty good run overall as president, and he was undeniably talented as a politician.


  2. jean-philippe says:

    I wonder how many illegal immigrants she could have hired with the $140 million she spent on her campaign.

  3. concerned christian says:

    Here’s a question I would like to ask Jerry Brown, but you are welcome to answer it for him. I am interviewing Jerry Brown for the job of Governor of California, I see in his resume that he previously held the jobs of Governor, Mayor and Attorney General, so I ask him “tell me one accomplishment you are most proud off in each position” Can you help him answer this question?

    • santitafarella says:


      That’s easy (at least for me). Jerry Brown is Moses. He has vision. He brings California, by his very style and tone, ever closer to the Promised Land (via his eco-friendly policies, his eyeballing corruption, his love for the university system, etc.). Jerry Brown is California. He channels the attitudes of most Californians on gay rights, etc.

      His specific laundry list of accomplishments I can’t give. But I know he had a recent very good run as mayor of Oakland.

      The intangibles of a political career are important too, don’t you agree?


      • concerned christian says:

        You see this is the problem, Jerry Brown is a good example of a liberal, Jesuit educated, idealist. He has grand ideas and selfless attitude, but he is not a practical, go getter, leader. Given the challenges that is facing California today, what do you think what would Jerry do to get us out of the financial bankruptcy we are facing?

      • santitafarella says:


        Brown has a great deal of executive experience. I don’t think he’ll just drift along. But the reality is that we live in a capitalist economy that’s coming out of a very big downturn. Until revenues pick up again, state governments are just going to hobble along with belt tightening measures. The college I teach at, for example, froze hiring about 3 years ago and hasn’t picked up a new hire since. And recessions force efficiencies onto systems, which is good. I’m optimistic that things will spring back soon. So long as there are no large terrorist catastrophes, wars, or plagues, and as long as brains are free to think at universities and corporations—and people are motivated to make money and generate innovations—the global economy will, by its fits and starts, grow. Why wouldn’t it? Human beings are smart and have lots of reasons to want to live and work.

        I think of things like the Bloombox (a new energy generating method developed by a Silicon Valley start-up) and feel optimistic about the future. Jerry Brown won’t goof up any of this and is a good fit for liberal California. I hope he signs off on a Harvey Milk Day for the state (for example).


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