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Teach Your Children (Mandarin) Well: Ian Morris Makes a Prediction

Ian Morris, the super-giant brained academic who belongs to, not one, but three academic departments at Stanford University (Classics, History, and Archeology), thinks we are fast entering the era of Far Eastern economic and political dominance and that it could … Continue reading

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An Agnostic Interviews a Muslim Imam

Below is the opening clip of me, Santi Tafarella, starting an interview with American imam Kamal al Khatib at the mosque that he heads in Palmdale, Ca. (October 6th, 2010). We’re outside, facing West in the late afternoon, standing before the door in which … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin: No Experts Need Apply; Joshua Livestro Has the Whole Economics Thing Covered for Me, Thanks

If you’re wondering how irrational, unpredictable, and volatile a Sarah Palin presidency would be, look no further. News is that she has retained, not an academically trained economist or financial expert, but a right-wing Dutch newspaper columnist (his name is Joshua … Continue reading

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