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The Neoconservative War on Nihilism (and Thomas Jefferson)

Harper’s website has a fascinating interview with C. Bradley Thompson on neoconservatism and his new book (with Yaron Brook) about it. Although, in the interview, the phrase “Herderian nationalism” is not used for neoconservatism by Thompson, he strongly implies that this is exactly what … Continue reading

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Yet Another Reason to Enroll Your Children in Mandarin Language Courses

A little quote from an Associated Press report this week on China’s role in the global skyscraper market: The U.S. high-rise market is “pretty much dead,” said Dan Winey, a managing director for Gensler, the Shanghai Tower’s San Francisco-based architects. … Continue reading

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My New Favorite Christmas Song

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Google Books App for iPad

Free books by the millions? I haven’t downloaded the app for my iPad yet, but this looks really seductive. I wonder what the catch is: Here’s the link: books.google.com/ebooks And I looked up Thoreau’s Walden. It reads pretty nice: http://books.google.com/ebooks?id=yiQ3AAAAIAAJ&printsec=frontcover&output=reader

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