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Ed Kilgore on the old in and out (groups)

At the New Republic today, Ed Kilgore has a new essay analyzing American attitudes toward broad Enlightenment values and civil libertarian principles. His bottom line: most Americans want to know whether you’re “in” or “out” before worrying about whether you should have liberty, justice, … Continue reading

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The United Nations: An Emanation of Lucifer?

At Talk To Action, a website devoted to reporting on, and deconstructing, the Christian fundamentalist right, Rachel Tabachnick flags the following overhead projection that appeared in an End Times talk by Col. Jim Ammerman. In ascending order, the projection portrays elite societies and global institutions as emanations of … Continue reading

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Thanks, Steve Jobs! If the Global Cellular Network Collapses This Decade It May Not Be Because of Osama bin Laden

The Washington Post reports, via Jim Giles of New Scientist, that a catastrophic collapse of the globe’s cellular networks is a real possibility over the next decade: [S]ome kind of collapse in cellular networks in the near future is a real … Continue reading

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