The United Nations: An Emanation of Lucifer?

At Talk To Action, a website devoted to reporting on, and deconstructing, the Christian fundamentalist right, Rachel Tabachnick flags the following overhead projection that appeared in an End Times talk by Col. Jim Ammerman. In ascending order, the projection portrays elite societies and global institutions as emanations of Lucifer. This syncretistic linking of Christianity with crackpot conspiracy theory and occult obsession is symptomatic of what Umberto Eco calls Ur-fascism:


Lucifer in heaven
May 1, 1776 Illuminati
July 4, 1776 Independence
Internal Revenue Service
Federal Reserve Board
WW I – League of Nations
1923 – Council of Foreign Relations
1933 – War Powers Act
1945 – United Nations
1973 – Trilateral Commission
G-7 Nations

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I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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