Vintage Christopher Hitchens from 1989

Christopher Hitchens in high form, speaking out on behalf of Salmon Rushdie in 1989:

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I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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2 Responses to Vintage Christopher Hitchens from 1989

  1. Colin Hutton says:

    Santi :

    Thanks for the reminder – I, too, was young and good looking then! Seriously, though, he was spot-on. 20 years ago!

    The sad thing is that we in the ‘enlightened’ (decadent?) West learnt nothing from the affair :

    The Mohammed cartoons (10 years ago). Abject apologies.

    Proposed burning of the Quran (just the other day). Appeasement from Obama.

    Terry Eagleton et al continue to suggest that ‘Ditchkins’ and the rest of us atheists should be polite to religions!


    • santitafarella says:


      There’s a time and a season for everything. I really think that one should gear rhetoric to who you’re talking to, and ask what your purpose is in using the rhetoric. I’m not, in making this observation, advocating cowardice or a failure to be direct. But there are physical realities and there are social realities. Life is lived in judging both of these realities intelligently.


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