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California Budget Crisis Watch: As Jerry Brown Assumes the Governorship, Education Braces for Big Spending Cuts

The State of California faces a $28-billion funding deficit over the next 18 months, and education costs consume 40% of the state’s budget. That means that cuts to education are coming. Big cuts. Here’s the Los Angeles Times today: Treasurer Bill Lockyer, who … Continue reading

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Mental Health Break

I like the way this person demonstrates how two guitars interact to produce the Beatles’ song, “I’ve Just Seen a Face”: Oops! It doesn’t embed. Watch on YouTube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8AxpFWJLBs

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Atheism, Psychological Predisposition, and Temperament

Do you suppose that psychological predisposition and temperament play large roles in religious and irreligious belief? Let me suggest a dramatic example: a significant minority of the world’s prison population—perhaps 20%–exhibits psychopathy. Some of these people are, no doubt, atheists, but … Continue reading

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