What is the Penalty for Apostasy Under Islamic Law (Sharia)?

Richard Dawkins wrangles, after a good deal of effort, a direct answer from a talk show participating imam:

Good work, Richard Dawkins!

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6 Responses to What is the Penalty for Apostasy Under Islamic Law (Sharia)?

  1. andrewclunn says:

    Religion of peace my ass.

  2. As perfect as this video is, things are actually even worse than that.

    When asked, HUGE majorities of Muslims in Egypt, Jordan, and Pakistan (all US allies) support putting apostates to death (84%, 86%, and 76%, respectively). This is data from 2010, not the Middle Ages.

    The data are from the Pew Research Center:

  3. concerned christian says:

    The argument that Muslims living in the West need not defend or even discuss what goes on in Islamic Countries is the standard talking point made by many Muslim activists in the West. That is why we need to support Pope Benedict in his demand of reciprocity, when dealing with Muslims. This position will not only help many persecuted non-Muslims in the Islamic World, it should be a line of defense for the West to turn back the radical Islamic wave sweeping through Europe.

    • Well, I am not so much for supporting Pope Benedict (I could write a dissertation on why he holds little credibility), but I am all for forcing Muslims around the world to acknowledge the absurd brutality of many of their practicing members. Islam must modernize to be accepted in the world. If Islam does not modernize and we continue to see Islamic nations expanding their power, then we are inevitably on a course to war.

      I am hopeful, though. Christianity was just as brutal 600 years ago as Islam is now. Perhaps religions “evolve” or at least mature and we are seeing Islam finding its place and the place for its followers in the world. The attributes of Islam that are driving its brutality are very similar to the attributes that drove Christianity’s brutality: misogyny, a class of elite clergy seeking massive power, and the adaptation to new information that seeks to undercut the first two items.

  4. Christ's Angel says:

    Islam is apostate in it’s use of the word “apostasy”.

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