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Consciousness Explained: Spatial Awareness, Time Awareness, Self Awareness, Death Awareness, and Free Will

Below is an excellent BBC documentary on the self and free will. I especially like what Gordon Gallup says at the 11:48 mark: Death awareness is the price we pay for self awareness. If you only have time for a … Continue reading

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Gabrielle Giffords and the Tea Party Religion of Peace

With regard to the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, it’s very important to remember one thing: the Tea Party movement is a Religion of Peace. Its jihadi-style rhetoric against liberal Christ scorning secularists, and its persistent references to guns, gun sites, … Continue reading

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Qatar and Gay Rights

Qatar is one of the more liberal countries in the Islamic world, but hosting the World Cup in 2022 is still looking to be a tightrope walk for navigating the tensions inherent between Islam and the secular West. This was at Salon recently: … Continue reading

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