Max Keiser on the “Blind Cult of America”

Max Keiser’s money program is uneven in quality and alarmist catnip for gold bugs, but this recent episode is mildly entertaining (though I don’t like his anti-intellectual populist posturing against Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman). Max Keiser presents himself as a truth-teller bravely exposing the world’s economic emperors (Goldman Sachs, etc) as naked, and I think that he hits his marks on occasion. See if you like his schtick:

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1 Response to Max Keiser on the “Blind Cult of America”

  1. Paradigm says:

    He is absolutely right about putting the homeless in the foreclosed homes. Not just from a humanitarian perspective, but also economically. If those faced with foreclosure could stay on as care takers they might still keep their jobs and their families together instead of ending up on wellfare. And the banks would get rental incomes from their property.

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