A Prince Amidst Satyrs: Barack Obama’s Equanimity in the Midst of the Right-Wing Shit Storm

What impresses me about President Barack Obama in the below video is not just his intelligence and good humor, but his humanity. This is a guy who quite evidently has gotten to where he is at by accepting his own proclivity for making errors, and staying in the political arena anyway. Like Hillary Clinton, this man doesn’t leave the kitchen when it gets hot, and he has obviously mastered the ability to endure, with a relaxed nonchalance, personal insult, maliciousness, and lies directed toward him. He has learned to embrace Isaiah Berlin’s crooked timber of humanity—including his own. This largeness of soul comes, I think, from his lifelong habit of consuming literary fiction, and is very American (very Mark Twain and Walt Whitman).

So to see Barack Obama riding the right-wing shit storm that has accompanied his presidency with such relaxed glamour is delicious and life-affirming—and must be infuriating to those who hate him.

So ecce homo! Behold the man who brought down Osama bin Laden (and that so many self-proclaimed American patriots have maliciously tried to tar-and-feather, to what should be their shame). He is our first African-American president, and I, for one, am proud of him and give him my support. At this dangerous moment in world history, it is good to have a sane and intelligent man in the White House:  

About Santi Tafarella

I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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1 Response to A Prince Amidst Satyrs: Barack Obama’s Equanimity in the Midst of the Right-Wing Shit Storm

  1. I don’t see a clearly better alternative. I’m concerned about libya, and not totally unhappy to have divided government.

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