Daily Archives: June 19, 2011

Dear Photograph: A Fascinating New Website

Contributers to the new site called “Dear Photograph” align old photographs with their points of origin, then retake the images. The achieved result is the display of people ghost-haunting, as it were, places in which they are no longer present (either because they have … Continue reading

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Not a Flash Mob, but a Flash Rob

Demonstrating the double-edged sword that technology so frequently represents, and the human propensity to make use of it for both good and evil, this new form of theft—shown in the below video—is, apparently, coordinated using cell phones.

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Right Ring: Perry-Bachmann 2012?

The Herderian religious conservative governor of Texas, Rick Perry, at the recent Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans, appears to have wowed the Christian fundamentalist dominated crowd. This is from NBC News: Of all the speakers of the three-day confab, Perry was … Continue reading

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