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Post Debt-Ceiling Deal: America’s Libertarian Drift is a Good Thing

The Christian Science Monitor today had this startling bit of demographic information and analysis buried in a much longer report on America’s decades-long shift towards conservatism: By the year 2050, nearly 1 in 5 Americans will be foreign-born – a percentage … Continue reading

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Running with Scissors: Why the Debt-Ceiling Deal is a Victory for the Tea Party and Barack Obama

I don’t like the Tea Party’s social conservatism, but its libertarian impulses are proving to be extraordinarily good for America’s long-term economic health—and Barack Obama’s prospects for reelection. Barack Obama ought to be crowing right now (and he most certainly … Continue reading

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Higgs Boson Watch: The God Particle Explained in 30 Seconds

The Higgs boson, the hypothesized “God particle,” is, according to the Standard Model of physics, why there is mass in the universe. And, in the Los Angeles Times today, physicist Robert Cousins offers a super-clear explanation for why scientists are working … Continue reading

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