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Jeb Corliss Grinds the Crack: Insane Wingsuit Flyer Laughs at His Near Death Experience

Daedalus’s son Icarus famously flew too close to the sun. Ecstatic Jeb Corliss nearly flew too close to the rocks (which would have made him Dead-alus). Yes, this is real. He cuts it incredibly close. Then laughs.

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Christianism Watch: The Sign of the Fish Enlisted for War

A pretty darn ironic image: one of the Prince of Peace’s symbols enlisted for nationalist identification and war: . Of course, Constantine did something similar with the cross. But, if a contemporary Christian uses the sign of the fish in … Continue reading

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Why Not Getting a Flu Shot is Like Giving Your Keys to a Robber or Predator

This high quality National Public Radio (NPR) produced video on how viruses pick the lock on cells, then hijack them, ought to send every parent to the doctor for their kids’ shot updates. And, if you don’t get your own … Continue reading

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