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Neutrino Speed-of-Light Watch: Physicist Dave Goldberg Says Special Relativity Could Be Wrong. All Wrong.

The Los Angeles Times today quotes physicist Dave Goldberg as saying that, if neutrinos can indeed go faster than the speed of light (as some Italian researchers appear to have discovered), then Einstein’s famed theory of special relativity is wrong. All wrong. “Basically, all … Continue reading

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Neutrino Speed-of-Light Watch: Stephen Hawking Refuses to Comment Yet

Concerning the Italian researchers’ discovery that neutrinos may be exceeding the speed of light, this is at Reuters today: “It is premature to comment on this,” Professor Stephen Hawking, the world’s most well-known physicist, told Reuters. “Further experiments and clarifications … Continue reading

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Dr. Shaul Chorev is Worried that the Arab Spring Could Turn into a Nuclear Fall

Dr. Shaul Chorev is head of Israel’s Atomic Energy Commission, and the Jerusalem Post, reporting on a speech he gave this week in Vienna, had a couple of paragraphs toward the end of the article that are quite unnerving: Chorev also called … Continue reading

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