Stuxnet-Like Virus Duqu is Coming from India?

This is curious. According to the Jerusalem Post, the Stuxnet-like computer virus, Duqu, is coming from India, and it’s one bad mother fucker:

Systems infected with Duqu are connected to a command computer that is in an unknown location in India, MSNBC added, quoting Symantec’s Vikrum Thakur.

“No marching orders have yet been given… But those who control the machines could do virtually anything they wanted,” he said.

So, am I reading the quote correctly? Is the Duqu virus being traced to hacker shenanigans in India, or is the first computer to have been infected in India (and infecting other computers from there)?

Here’s a bit more from the Jerusalem Post:

The Symantec Corporation said the virus, named “Duqu,” “must either have been created by the same group that authored Stuxnet, or by a group that somehow managed to obtain Stuxnet’s source code,” an MSNBC report added.


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I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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