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Muslims in Libya Destroy Cases of Demon Liquor

With the Islamist Ennahda Party winning the elections in Tunisia, we discover that freedom for Tunisians will not include freedom from religion as a human option (and so will not be freedom at all). And here are Muslim men in Libya repeating the phrase … Continue reading

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Three Agency Debate Flub: Watch Rick Perry’s Poll Numbers Rise in Response

You can’t change your mind in a liberal direction if you can’t keep a line of argumentation straight in your head. Thus is Rick Perry’s conservative purity guaranteed. His rational faculties impaired, he’ll always “think” with his gut. Therefore, score a big … Continue reading

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Anti-Gay Marriage Watch: What’s Your Argument Again?

Notice that the below commercial in support of excluding gays from civil marriages in Minnesota actually offers no direct argumentative supports for the position at all. Watch: ___ In the intellectually bankrupt culture surrounding the anti-gay marriage movement, it’s taken to be acceptable to … Continue reading

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