A Ten-Year-Old Boy is Raped; Penn Students Show Outrage at Joe Paterno’s Firing

To focus the mind, let’s point to just one of the things Joe Paterno did (or, rather, failed to do) as coach at Penn State. In 2002, one of his coaches sodomized a ten-year-old boy in a university locker room shower. Assistant coach Mike McQueary saw the incident and went to Joe Paterno the next day, informing him about it.

In response, Joe Paterno did not go to the police. Instead, he told the athletic director, Tim Curley, and left it at that.

Now, is that how one properly responds to a report of child sodomization? Would you keep it in-house as Joe Paterno did?

Here’s AP:

According to the grand jury report, McQueary told Paterno what he saw Sandusky doing the next day, and Paterno then reported the information to athletic director Tim Curley.

Outrageous, yes? Paterno’s act was on a par with Catholic bishops who don’t report to civil authorities alleged incidents of child sexual abuse by priests. What could the contemporary board of trustees at Penn State do but cut Paterno loose? Here’s CBS News:

[T]he [Pennsylvania] state police commissioner called Paterno’s failure to contact police or follow up on the incident a lapse in “moral responsibility.” 

But now look at the reaction of Penn State students. Their moral and intellectual caliber is on display in the below video.

What brings them out for protest in 2011? The abduction of American democracy by monied interests? The persecution of Christians in a newly Islamicized Egypt?


A football coach is fired for his role in covering up the rape of a ten-old-boy and that pisses them off. Not the rape of the boy. The firing of the coach. 

Think about that.

And Mike McQueary is now receiving threats for his grand jury testimony and, apparently, his sin of ever telling Joe Paterno what he saw in the first place.

If you don’t think that fascism could ever come to America, have a look at this video. It’s what nihilism and irrationality wed to father-figure loyalty looks like. And it’s on display in college students—American college students. Behold the sheep of Penn State’s pasture.

About Santi Tafarella

I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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6 Responses to A Ten-Year-Old Boy is Raped; Penn Students Show Outrage at Joe Paterno’s Firing

  1. Matt says:

    I wonder how many of those same students have been outspokenly critical of those Catholic bishops you mentioned? Probably quite a few.

    I think they’ll be ashamed looking back on this a few years from now.

  2. SR says:

    I am a Catholic and if the priest did rape a child they should of spoken critical of the Bishops, Priest or anyone else that turn the other cheek on a child rapist. There is nothing worse than an innocent child being forced to grow up way before their time, especially over something they do not have the maturity to understand in the first place. As far as this video it makes me want to vomit. As far as parents go, they need to start being parents to their kids, watching them more closely and stop leaving them in the care of everyone who comes along. Quit sending them to camps and as far as sports go, go to their practices and games and take them home to shower. They do have one you know. I know this, because I was once “this child” myself. You never get over it, it haunts you the rest of your life, you make decisions that are wrong until you reach the age level of some maturity, but that is right, a raped child has just become an adult haven’t they. As a rape of child, murders the child from the moment it happens. SR

  3. andrewclunn says:

    Judge out-group harshly. Always forgive in-group. The hypocrisy of humanity knows no bounds.

    • santitafarella says:

      Extremely well and succinctly put. When reasoning, humans generally are not properly defined as the “objective animal.”


  4. SR says:

    You know I tried to let this go, please believe me I did, but something is inside of me that I cannot.
    A child has been raped by a sodomite. A sick disgusting individual. This child has endured physical pain, and emotional pain that will never heal and affect his life forever. His family does not know what to do or how to handle this, I am sure. I know the child did not know how to handle it and truly never will no matter how much therapy he goes to, as it is inconceivable. The most important thing here is the bounds of the hypocrisy of humanity.?? Being an objective animal?? The animal was the man who raped this child. May God help these kids. This child already has endured the turning of the head of adults. How about being a responsible adult and help these kids? If a child rapist read this, this would be his/her’s reaction. ” See they do not care about the child, for it is far more important for them to be politically correct.” Like I said, “God help these kids.” SR

    • DeadlyGrim says:

      What exactly does political correctness have to do with this? Where exactly are you seeing people saying something like “Oh, well, Sadusky isn’t a child molester. He’s just sexually challenged, therefore, we can ignore this”? ‘Cause I didn’t read anything like that anywhere. What I did read and see, however, is a bunch of students who are more interested in keeping a head coach that they like than enforcing a moral code of conduct that isn’t reprehensible. When you get down to it, the students are acting in their own self-interest, at least on the short-term. A child getting raped doesn’t affect them, but firing a head coach does.

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