The War on Christmas Comes to Israel?

This curious ad comes from the Israeli government. Its purpose is to discourage Israelis from marrying American Jews or moving to America (as either of these might lead to such horrors as Christmas-celebrating grandchildren). Andrew Sullivan sees the ad as evidence that Netanyahu’s Israel is ramping up in the paranoia department, but, as someone who follows a lot of the news surrounding Iran’s nuclear program, I can hardly blame the Israelis if they are—with or without Netanyahu—becoming paranoid and insular. But don’t expect Fox Noise alerts or Drudge Report headlines announcing “Netanyahu’s war on Christmas.”


I’m guessing this ad won’t stay up at YouTube for long. In the event it gets taken down, here’s the quick summary: a Jewish couple with their daughter, living in America, does a live video feed on their laptop with the grandparents back home in Israel. An exchange of winter holiday pleasantries are exchanged when the daughter speaks of her enjoyment of Christmas. The grandparents look at one another with dismay. The take-home message to young professional couples: stay in Israel; don’t move to America and lose your Jewish identity.

About Santi Tafarella

I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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