Is JPK (Joseph P. Kennedy III) an Emerging JFK?

31-year-old Joseph P. Kennedy III, grandson of Robert F. Kennedy, served in the Peace Corps, has a Harvard law degree, and is running in Massachusetts for the congressional seat that is being vacated by the retiring Barney Frank.

And he gives a pretty darn good speech.

Do you suppose he’s being groomed for a presidential run a decade from now?

Here he is commemorating JFK in early 2011:

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5 Responses to Is JPK (Joseph P. Kennedy III) an Emerging JFK?

  1. andrewclunn says:

    I hope not, considering that JFK was one of the worst Presidents we ever had.

  2. Alex in Los Angeles says:

    good luck JPK3, and god bless ya!

  3. Justin says:

    JFK was not nearly as bad as Nixon, Reagan or George W…

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