Newt Grointwitch Tops Willard (Mitt Romney) in South Carolina

Evangelicals in South Carolina have spoken. For president, they prefer a thrice-married serial adulterer and unapologetic Herderian to a Mormon.


Who ever said the world was perfect?

Andrew Sullivan lays out a plausible route forward for Republicans this year:

This is the Republican crack-up people have been predicting for years. Gingrich is on a roll. I think he can win this – and then lose this in a way that could change America history. That is a brief impression in one moment of time. But I cannot see Romney winning this at this point. […]

[Grointwitch] will deploy race and religion and nationalism as his themes. No wonder South Carolina loved him. And rather than retreating on the racially charged “food stamp president” line, he reiterates it.

This is what the GOP now is, and it deserves its spokesman. But do not under-estimate the appeal to some of the idea of humiliating and removing the first black president. That’s what Gingrich is really about. He is giving them what they want. And it’s meat that has barely seen a skillet. […]

He knows in his bones how to work this constituency, while of course, “fundamentally reforming the government at every level.”


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