President Barack Obama’s Long Game

A number of things have, indeed, gotten better since Barack Obama became President of the United States. The following video is a useful reminder.


And don’t forget the end of George Bush’s sanctioning of torture. That’s a big one.

Approving indefinite detention of American citizens, however, is a historic blunder of this president. But maybe Chris Hedges will fix that one:

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2 Responses to President Barack Obama’s Long Game

  1. Paradigm says:

    I love Romney’s answer in the first clip. Did he relax too much assuming that Ingraham would be nice to him because she is a conservative? Laughing at the question as if it was Ingraham that didn’t make sense is really weird. It adds fuel to the theory that he might be a psychopath. It’s exactly the sort of blunder such a person would do, being abnormally self-confident and relaxed.

  2. Longtooth says:

    Despite an academic emphasis in Constitutional law, Obama has not been a guardian defender of the Constitution as the presidential oath of office requires. His endorsement of egregious provisions in the National Defense Act is but one example. Another is his continued support of George Bush’s faith-base initiatives that continue to siphon off unknown millions in taxpayer to advance religious causes. Obama has operated in direct contradiction to his 2008 campaign promise to end exploitation in these programs. Under Obama it’s been business as usual for TANF’s charitable choice clause cronies.'s_religion_problem:_white_house_funnels_money_to_discriminatory_religious_groups?page=entire

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