Twitter Blasphemy: 18,000 Facebookers Call for the Death of Feminist Hamza Kashgari for Insulting the Prophet Muhammad

As of this morning, 18,000 is the number of Facebookers calling for the death of Hamza Kashgari for Twitter blasphemy against the Prophet Muhammad. The number was 8,000 on Thursday, 13,000 on Friday, and 16,000 on Saturday.

Does anyone know of a Facebook page or other web page devoted to Hamza Kashgari’s liberty—started either by a Muslim or non-Muslim? Where’s the Free Hamza Kashgari! Facebook page?

Below is one of the tweets that got Hamza Kashgari in hot water with the Wahhabi theocrats and Saudi government. I like its pro-feminist sentiment, it’s caustic and clever. Voltaire would have smiled. It’s outrageous that this young man’s voice is being so roughly silenced.

No Saudi women will go to hell, because it’s impossible to go there twice.

In a freer world, Hamza Kashgari might have been a budding Saudi Arabian Mark Twain or activist on behalf of the rights of women. But for being irreligious, feminist, funny—and confessing to doubts—he’s been arrested.

It’s time for free-thinking Muslims and free people everywhere—and those belonging to the doubting and feminist communities—to speak on his behalf. WWCHD. (What would Christopher Hitchens do?) This is an existential moment.

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I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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3 Responses to Twitter Blasphemy: 18,000 Facebookers Call for the Death of Feminist Hamza Kashgari for Insulting the Prophet Muhammad

  1. Longtooth says:

    Where is the voice of the Whitehouse and the State Department in this?

    The following was extracted from an article on the Religion page of the Huffington Post dated February 11.

    “An online petition was started to collect signatures in support of Kashgari’s freedom. The supposed goal of the petition is to alert organizations such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch. These organizations do not really need to be petitioned, since they have already made statements in support of Kashgari and are trying to contact the Saudi authorities. However, the signatures on the petition show that a large number of the supporters of the petition hail from Muslim countries. This suggests that there are indeed a number of Muslims in Muslim countries who may be willing to oppose the reactionary-conservative movements, but it also reminds us that they need additional support, both from within Muslim countries as well as from outside.”

    • Santi Tafarella says:

      My guess is the White House will not comment on this publicly. It’s only been a few months since a 60 billion dollar sale of arms was negotiated between the U.S. and the House of Saud. Commenting could be bad for business.

      Know denial.


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