Creation Through Evolution?

Maybe the universe is an ongoing creation, and this is how the Creator is doing it, moving us, through a process of evolution, to some end product we can only half-imagine now.


Then again, maybe we live in a multiverse and the complexities and stunning improbabilities that adhere to our evolving cosmos are merely giving appearances of design, when in fact our Mother is chance.

Your call.

About Santi Tafarella

I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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4 Responses to Creation Through Evolution?

  1. Herman Cummings says:

    The evolution theory is an irrational falsehood, zealously embraced by atheists, that is a phony conclusion of the 600+ million year fossil record. There is no “valid supporting data” for evolution. In a court of law, or in a public forum, the same evidence that evolutionists would use to try to “prove” the validity of that theory, I would utilize to reveal the truth of Genesis. In order to believe in evolution, you have to purposely ignore certain facts of reality. For example, when you see illustrations of primates being pictured as evolving into humans, it can be shown in a court of law that such a premise is impossible, because certain human and primate traits are different, and could not have ever been shared. The only “common ancestor” that humans and primates share is God Himself.

    Current Creationism has refused to teach the truth of the Genesis text, and either teaches foolishness (young Earth), or false doctrines (non-literal reading of the text). Creationists thoughtlessly try to prove “Creationism”, rather than seeking and teaching the truth of Genesis. How can an untruth, ever prove another lie, to be in error? You can’t do it. That is why Creationism fails. It essentially is also a lie, and should be discarded, even by Bible believers.

    The correct opposing view to evolution is the “Observations of Moses”, which conveys the truth of Genesis chapter one. It is the ONLY true rendition of the Hebrew text. Everything else, unfortunately,
    is false and foolish interpretations of scripture.

    Those that imply that God used evolution are infidels at worse, or clowns at best, that refuse to learn the truth of Genesis. The truth has been available for more than 18 years. Such a discussion is currently silly, and shows stubbornness against learning the truth of God’s Word.

    There are no “creation stories” in Genesis. In fact, about all of theology and creationism have no idea what Moses was writing about. You can’t simply take an advanced book of math or science, and try to read from it on your own without personal instruction.

    For example, Genesis declares that mankind has been on this Earth, in his present likeness, for more than 60 million years. The “male and female” in Genesis chapter one was not “Adam & Eve”. Has modern science discovered that yet?

    Herman Cummings

    • Longtooth says:

      Yes, there is a sizable fraction among our fellow humans who are tragically deluded. Bald faced proclamations about the ultimate nature of reality aren’t proof of anything but someone’s willingness to so assert, be they the scriptural leavings of an arcane scribe of unverifiable identity or the amazing interpretational dribble of some living faith-crazed scriptural literalist. May the theistic evolutionists have good medicine for the latter kind of folk and thus someday they might drink in equanimity and soundness of conclusion from the waters of evidence-based fact.

    • star silver says:

      The sentence “For example, when you see illustrations of primates being pictured as evolving into humans, it can be shown in a court of law that such a premise is impossible, because certain human and primate traits are different, and could not have ever been shared” demonstrates a lack of understanding about evolutionary theory, showing an apparent ignorance about such notions as genetic mutation and variation, chaos theory as it applies to genetics, the notion of emergent property, etc.

      Before arguing against something, Mr. Cummings, one must first understand what one is arguing against. If you have read the Bible, surely you know how often the Biblical books criticism those who argue without bothering to understand, from the man who smote his ass because he was too ignorant to see the sword-wielding angel to the pharisees and sadduccees who spoke at length about things they did not bother to understand. Do not approach evolutionary theory in imitation of the man who ends up scolded by the ass he was riding or in imitation of the phraisees and sadduccees who earned the scorn of the Christ Jesus, Mr. Cummings. Instead, first learn about evolutionary theory and critique it from a position of knowledge.

      Start acting as Jesus would, Mr. Cummings, and cease any further writing of such pharisaical rants in your critiques against evolution.

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