Atheism Made Visual: Worlds Become “Flash” (Tesla Coils Playing Sweet Home Alabama)


Let me tell you why I think the above YouTube video is profound: it graphically displays the world that atheists posit we actually live in. Somewhere—if not in this big bang universe, then in another—there is a planet where the clouds, like these Tesla coils, are playing “Sweet Home Alabama” by chance.

And it’s worse than that. Like Tesla coils playing “Sweet Home Alabama,” our entire big bang universe itself (if atheism is correct) flashed into existence and now perturbates—agitates—to determinate physical laws (themselves randomly generated). This whole universe that we see around us is an elaborate song where nothing—absolutely nothing—happens because of mental intention or design.

This means that even our human minds don’t have contra-causal properties, but are epiphenomena of the “lightening,” obeying the determinate energy patterns laid out at the big bang. Those who imagine they have free will are deluded.

If atheism is true, in other words, our particular universe is a Tesla coil playing out energy patterns that just happen to be in accord with the physical constants that were present at the big bang. And there may be other universes—an infinity of universes—playing out different patterns from their big bangs via very different physical constants.

And, again, all of this is completely random, without any telos involved whatsoever.

Imagine Tesla coils rushing and flashing to infinity in all directions, like a hall of mirrors, and imagine that somewhere, one of them is playing, by chance, the Beatles’ “I Am the Walrus” and another is playing “Sweet Home Alabama.” In the random noise of infinite flashing Tesla coils, imagine that, somewhere, not just “Sweet Home Alabama,” but the whole iTunes library can be found together, however improbable that seems.

When you’ve got infinity to work with, everything, even the most improbable things, sooner or later, arrive inevitably.

That’s atheism. And if atheists are right, that’s you.


About Santi Tafarella

I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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3 Responses to Atheism Made Visual: Worlds Become “Flash” (Tesla Coils Playing Sweet Home Alabama)

  1. Gato Precambriano says:

    Exciting! Isn’t it?

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