Onward American Theocrats, Marching As To War

A preacher introduces Rick Santorum at a rally in Louisiana: “We don’t worship Buddha; we don’t worship Muhammad; we don’t worship Allah. We worship God; we worship God’s son, Jesus Christ!”

Red meat.

About Santi Tafarella

I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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4 Responses to Onward American Theocrats, Marching As To War

  1. Gato Precambriano says:

    Pardon my english, but… that’s fucking scary man!

  2. concerned christian says:

    Santi, I don’t know why you are focusing on Rick Santorum, I believe Mitt Romney will be nominated, I am going to vote for him, and I wish he will be our next president.
    BTW, here’s a test for you; can you develop a set of character integrity measures; compare Barack, Mitt, and Rick based on those measure; and tell us where they stand.
    Actually this is my sneaky way to challenge you to evaluate Obama based on his personal character, and not his speeches.

    • Santi Tafarella says:

      Well, our perceptions of Obama are very different, apparently, because this doesn’t seem a hard question: all three of them have their virtues, and none of them, in my view are paragons of virtue.

      President Obama is one of the most calm, dignified, and wise Enlightenment intellectuals ever to inhabit the White House. He’s got virtues I would liken to Thomas Jefferson, Lincoln, and Kennedy.

      Romney is clearly a disciplined man, a calm man, and can show kindness. He’s also an intelligent man, a family man, and a good businessman and manager. If he wins the presidency, he will prove competent, even highly successful.

      I also think, unfortunately, he’s quite possibly a borderline psychopath because he can be very robotic and capable of saying anything with a low emotional affect. Maybe all politicians have to do this to some degree, but Romney seems unusual in this manner.

      Santorum, in turn, is obviously a decent human being who pours his strong sense of right and wrong into, I believe, a flawed religious ideology that brings him to ridiculous conclusions.

      On balance, because I like Enlightenment intellectuals, I prefer Obama’s temperament and virtues in the White House.


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