The Right Slogan for Mitt Romney’s Campaign

During the Republican primary, Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich were like coked-up chimpanzees, trying to tear one another’s testicles off.

But now Mitt Romney “counts Newt and Callista Gingrich as friends.”

What bullshit.

If you vote for Mitt Romney this year, you’re voting for this—to keep bullshit alive. That should be Romney’s campaign slogan. Like Shakespeare’s Iago, he’ll say anything if he thinks it will win him an advantage.

At least, if you vote for President Obama, you won’t get Mitt Romney’s narcissistic and unrelenting stream of insincerity for four years. It’s not healthy for the psyche to be exposed to the “Newt and Callista are my friends” crap all the time. Mitt Romney is the Republican Party’s John Edwards.

About Santi Tafarella

I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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5 Responses to The Right Slogan for Mitt Romney’s Campaign

  1. Positivists Are The Enemy says:

    As opposed to President Obama appointing Hilary Clinton his Secretary of State? I think you need to reexamine your political awareness, or rather, become a mature political consumer, before you comment further. This is how the game works. Turning the standard political switch that comes with every election and party into a partisan issue colors your own knowledge poorly.

    • Santi Tafarella says:

      All politicians, to one degree or another, have the “narcissistic split” going on. Like the car salesman, they smile and smile, but may still be a villain (to echo Hamlet).

      I’m not saying that Democrats don’t have the problem; I’m saying that Romney has it on steroids and is similar to John Edwards in this regard. He and John Edwards appear to me to be potential psychopaths in this regard (1 out of every 100 males is, after all). I don’t want a psychopath for president. I want to have some reasonable confidence that there is someone beneath the skin with an honest emotional life.

      Don’t you?


      • P.A.T.E. says:

        Democracy requires bullshit from candidates. It’s a numbers game, not an intellectual one. No one should view Obama as deceptively partisan for naming Clinton his Secretary of State; it was a Machiavellian power move to bring an enemy into the fold. Likewise, no one should be shocked at Romney’s kind words toward Newt Gingrich; he needs his support and will court it.

        Mitt Romney has never struck anyone strongly enough to be considered a psychopath. It is precisely why he won’t win the presidential election, so take heart in that, if you believe there’s a meaningful difference between the two candidates.

      • Santi Tafarella says:

        You’re rationalizing. Romney has a problem. There’s something souless about him. If he wins, his will be the zombie presidency. We’ll come out the other end of this bewildered at his postmodern cynicism, and made more calloused by it. You, obviously, already are. To get rid of Obama, you’re making a deal with a devil.

        You know that something important has derailed when someone says that Machiavellian dishonesty is REQUIRED in a democracy. No. That’s a requirement for princes; for authoritarians looking to maintain power by any means necessary. Democracy requires civic restraint in deference to the public good and a commitment to truth, meaning that you often put what’s best for the nation ahead of what’s best for you personally.

        It’s not a requirement of democracy to deny facts or distort them; it’s a corruption of the democratic process.

        Obama yesterday showed what honesty in a politician can look like when he publicly came out in favor of something unpopular (gay marriage) because he felt his conscience required that he come clean on this. It’s late, but he did it, and he did so before the election, not after it. Now people can decide. His vulnerability is evident and refreshing.


  2. mhasegawa says:

    I think it is getting pretty scary out there. As I’ve written in my blog many times, Mitt is not interested one bit in governing, just is getting elected. With the polls showing such a close election right now, Obama is going to need every bit of help he can get.

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