What, Exactly, Is Wrong With Bestiality?


The above video is amusing, but also raises an interesting question: what is it, exactly, that’s wrong with bestiality? Notice that the perpetrator isn’t getting it on with women and fantasizing about animals; instead, he’s getting it on with animals and fantasizing about women.

But a person who’s truly into sex with animals, it seems, would fantasize about the animals themselves. And so it raises a question: what’s more important, the inner state of the person having sex or the outward behavior? We all know it’s okay, for example, to eat a sheep, but not to eat out a sheep. And it would be double-perverse to eat out a sheep thinking of the sheep, and not of a woman.

But what if a person ate a sheep imagining himself eating a human? That would be a sick and private cannibalism fantasy, far worse than an outward act of bestiality. (Why is it primarily men who are into such evil shit?) But it wouldn’t be breaking any laws.

So what’s most important: the inner or outer life? And why can animals be used in so many abusive ways, except when it comes to sex?

Think of hunting, for example. You can chase an animal down, frighten it, kill its young and companions in its presence, and if the shot you take to kill the animal only wounds it, and it escapes into the forest, you’re under no obligation to find it again and take care of the suffering animal. You can walk back to camp and leave it to slowly bleed to death in the forest.

And you can dig into a plate of eggs and bacon every morning without the least compunction about factory farming. Factory farming causes enormous suffering to animals, but it’s accomplished by professionals who are bureaucratic and dispassionate in their work. We all know the suffering caused is nothing personal. Declaring yourself a sadist is not a plus when applying for work at a factory farm.

But if a broad-based sex-with-animals movement, grounded in nothing more than freely-chosen pleasure, ever started under the banner of “Different Species Marriage Now!”, pulpits throughout the world would declare it a sign of the end of civilization and the soon return of Jesus.

Why is that?

Is part of the taboo against inter-species sex subliminally grounded in a desire to maintain the Bible’s notion of distinct created “kinds”—a concern with the purity of the (presumed) created order of species? Perhaps only a godless evolutionist would broach such a boundary.

And speaking of evolution, does the prohibition have to do with evolutionary psychology translated into what Martha Nussbaum calls the politics of disgust?

Perhaps a big part of the prohibition is simply a desire by humans not to think of themselves as animals. Or maybe it’s presumed that sex has to have some justification beyond pleasure—some procreative purpose.

That latter notion, however, is tricky to maintain in a world where contraception and aids to masturbation (pornography) are readily available.

What’s wrong with bestiality, again?

About Santi Tafarella

I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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83 Responses to What, Exactly, Is Wrong With Bestiality?

  1. Paradigm says:

    Psychologist Jonathan Haidt, who seems like a smart guy, would probably categorize this as the sixth universal moral foundation, namely Sanctity/Degradation. Quoting from his web page,

    Sanctity/degradation: This foundation was shaped by the psychology of disgust and contamination. It underlies religious notions of striving to live in an elevated, less carnal, more noble way. It underlies the widespread idea that the body is a temple which can be desecrated by immoral activities and contaminants (an idea not unique to religious traditions).


  2. andrewclunn says:

    By that same logic the entire notion of animal rights is a farce. After all if raping animals (does anyone serious claim that the animals are willing and capable of giving consent?) is alright because, hell, we eat them and this is nothing compared to that, then okay legalize animal-human sex, but then you should also oppose animal rights.

    • anonymous says:

      You are making a huge assumption about the cognitive ability of animals and imposing that viewpoint on others. Animals can quite easily demonstrate consent. Cite some research proving they can’t. Dolphins, dogs, cats, birds, mules, most higher order life forms can definitely refuse to perform actions and communicate it through body language, aggressive behavior, crying, whining whimpering. If you say they cant you have obviously never tried to get an obstinate and un-consenting dog to walk on a leash.

      The short in sweet is that you cant seriously claim they can’t give consent. All living beings have pain response and aggressive behavior. Even microbes “respond to their environment”.

    • TIFU says:

      I mean the existence of both animal rights and eating them is a pretty fucked up thing. I look at cute pictures of piglets and realize I’m a terrible monster but I don’t think about it when I eat delicious bacon. Eating animals not out of necessity is, in my opinion, definitely ethically wrong but until I start getting punished for it I’m just going to pretend that no animals were harmed in the making of this delicious meat.
      Then there’s the entire thing where we say that certain animals are fine to eat but others definitely not. I’m just going to leave this here. http://www.smbc-comics.com/comic/2011-10-09

    • Anonymous says:

      Someone else wrote this, and I found it pretty logical and legit as far as for the ethical part of having sex with animals:
      Kali Mali wrote…
      “As for the question of consent, I would imagine if a man wanted to have sex with (for instance) a horse, and the horse wasn’t up for it, then that man is not going to be having sex with that horse. If he presses his suit, then he runs a very real risk of getting stamped to death. Even a smaller animal like a Cat is going to make it as tricky as it can if it doesn’t want the attention. How can you have sex with a hissing, spitting, fanged ball of fury, with over twenty needle sharp claws, against it’s consent?”

  3. Rob says:

    If right and wrong are genetic, as I believe, then it follows that sex with animals must be wrong because it makes no sense genetically.

    • I love to let animals have sex with me I don’t force them & they enjoy it more than I do, People say it’s wrong but is it wrong for animals to have sex with humans?

      • Anonymous says:

        yummy would like 2 b involved with u encouraging u wot sort of animal do u indulge with

      • Anonymous says:

        i dont think so darling wot a turn on 4 me any way girlfriend screwed my life bcause i asked her 3 do that 4 me

    • Anonymous says:

      Your logic is totally nonsense, how narrow minded can someone be?…
      So humans with “bad” genes, such as those with mental and/or physical illness should not have sex either, that would also be wrong in your moral aspect – you are clueless about diversity and love, your reality only consents to your own beliefsystem and does not have tolerance nor does it have the capacity of understanding and respecting other moral- and love- systems.

  4. dstrike0083@gamil.com says:

    there’s nothing wrong. we all evolved from the single cell organism. so having sex with human or animals is incest

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  6. conservative says:

    This is the classic liberal way to make something degenerate sound reasonable. You santi, are simply repeating the mantras of the Frankfurt School and other rabid left wingers and perverts who ridiculed any moral opposition to things like this. That’s where this normalization of the abnormal started, with those pseudo-experts. “Insanity is the purest state of mental health” said Adorno, of the Frankfurt School. Then is it any surprise that they promoted and encouraged things like homosexual “marriage”, bestiality, and incest, to mention just a few? You’re not aware that your thinking has been heavily influenced by them, but the fact that you’re so relaxed about this, shows it.

    Those who were indoctrinated by them are the crowd that always hates decency and mocks decency and morality. It’s strange however, that the same crowd doesn’t show the same hatred and contempt for Islam, for being very restrictive. They only attack Christian morality, Western morality. Isn’t that interesting?

    • Perhaps I shouldn’t speak for ‘liberals’ – as an apparently monolithic group with no heterogeneity – but the idea that ‘we’ have no disdain for Islam is ridiculous.

      As an individual, who considers himself ‘liberal’, I think Christianity and Islam deserve a special place on the podium of wishful delusions. What I do not accept, as a self-identified ‘liberal’, is that Christianity should get a special place of entitlement and a free pass, to the exclusion of all other delusions. Islam’s teachings, if not its practice in relation to political violence, are no better or worse than Christianity. Go ahead, give me some scripture about slaying the infidel and I’ll find you something similar in the bible.

      I also support the establishment clause. Guess what that means? Take down your Ten Commandments from the yokel state legislature or, the less preferred and impractical option, give equal weight to other religions.

      For the record, I don’t believe we are distinct from animals, as we are but another animal in the ecosystem – albeit one with higher order cognitive functions. I also love meat and am revolted by the thought of screwing sheep. Does that make me illogical and inconsistent? Perhaps

    • Santi Tafarella says:


      You are, in essence, saying, “Don’t look at why people have this taboo.” My post is about the sociology and psychology of the taboo. I’d be curious to know your take on evolutionary psychology in relation to the subject and why, psychologically, you think it’s okay to most humans to kill and abuse and eat animals, but not have sex with them.


      • christopher says:

        yes but many more proponents of islam(than christianity) think homosexuality is wrong and should be met with death. the same with infidelity, and have blasphemy laws. christianity is not exempt, but it has changed far more than islam.

  7. John J Johnson says:

    Dude, if you are serious about bestiality, I hope you get rabies, fleas, or some other nasty animal disease. Just because you can do something does not mean that you should. Your film is a JOKE!

    • Santi Tafarella says:


      You did not really make an argument. And we are animals.

      • Ballz says:

        But animals aren’t humans! They’re consider non-humans. So bestiality is wrong and it shows that people who does it are abnormal and wants rape animals!

    • Christian says:

      Wow beastiality is sick and absolutely disgusting its a form of animal abuse just like sex with children.. what is wrong with people…they should all burn at the stake or imprisoned for a long time..

  8. Dez says:

    “Think of hunting, for example. You can chase an animal down, frighten it, kill its young and companions in its presence, and if the shot you take to kill the animal only wounds it, and it escapes into the forest, you’re under no obligation to find it again and take care of the suffering animal. You can walk back to camp and leave it to slowly bleed to death in the forest.”

    Quite a disturbing distortion. Very few animals hunted for food are chased and frightened as it tends to spoil the meat. Hunting for food is NOT in any part “kill its young and companions in its presence,” and I have never met a “hunter for food” or any trophy hunter for that matter that doesn’t feel an extreme obligation to make sure and find the wounded animal and end it’s suffering. Any hunter I have ever known or heard of would more than likely shoot someone caught doing the things you call hunting.
    Generally speaking the whole sentence is a distortion at least and an outright and intentional lie at most.
    Do you always make these kinds of distortions and lies trying to make your point?

    • Anonymous says:

      Do you actually belive people still hunt for food in this days ? well probably…but in most civilized countrys ….the usually don’t, If you can kill animals just for sport….dunno. Even in human crimes….i think we can agree that murder is worse then rape , right ?

      • Dez says:

        Not only believe but know for a fact, and in this civilized country and they do it because they need to as well as believing that is why god put them there.
        I know it is true that some kill for sport,the very few that I know who do, don’t take pleasure in “terrifying” the animal and the meat is given as gifts, usually to people living in the area, so it is not wasted.
        As for humans and murder being worse being worse than rape?
        I’d would say that as far as the victim is concerned – I doubt it! The rape victim has to live with being violently assaulted for the rest of their life but the person that was murdered isn’t alive to feel anything and may possibly be in “Heaven with their creator”.
        To people that are not the victim – I’d say that depends.
        It depends on how empathic you are and how much that person meant to you. I doubt you’ll be able to truly answer that yourself until you go through it!

      • Glen Quagmire says:

        People do Hunt animals for food. It’s called Living Off The Grid. I agree Murder is worse but it isn’t “Rape” to a Male animal if its mounted on you. However other way around and/or with a Female animal then I believe its rape. But as for a Male ontop of a Female/Male I don’t see it as rape.

    • SHIBA says:

      Desperate selfish people grasping to justify their twisted lust.

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  10. Red says:

    Um. The fact that some forms of animal cruelty are socially sanctioned does not mean they should be, or that all forms of animal cruelty should be accepted. This whole post kind of struck me as a tu quoque argument.

  11. browneyes56 says:

    your stepping over boundaries, if it was meant to be that way then everybody would do such a thing, you’ve done something very serious and getting away with it, you need to know the truth about having sex with animals and your health, your a very incorrigible person so whats the point

    • bertalay@gmail.com says:

      So what you’re saying is that what is ethically right is what the majority of people are doing? Lets say you were in India a couple decades ago. All marriages are arranged and all the men beat their wives. Does this make arranged marriage and domestic abuse ethically okay in India during this time? What about slavery a few centuries ago? No of course it doesn’t. When we are considering ethics we don’t simply ask whether something is right or wrong. We ask why it is right and why it is wrong. While, I am sure, there are good arguments for and against bestiality, simply saying it’s disgusting and no-one does it. Even then, there are places where a lot of people are taking part in bestiality. There is a relatively large bestiality community in Germany. Is it ethical for them to partake in bestiality but not us? I’m not saying I support bestiality but you need a better argument to say it’s wrong.

      • TIFU says:

        Well that was the wrong username. Don’t particularly care though feel free to use that email. If you want me to respond or see your comment though comment on this one.

  12. Marcus says:

    very hard to talk to lay people which know not interpret the text in a logical manner without mixing with their own ideologies.

  13. lala says:

    have people considered that having sex with animals (erughhhh) is damaging to ur damn brain?? sex isn’t just sex, when humans have sex we develop attachments, release chemicals to fulfil human purpose with another human being etc. i genuinely think anyone who has sex with non humans has something wrong with them. it doesn’t make sense to be sexually attracted and sexually fulfilled by another species. human sex was made for humans. u can say, ‘oh, but other animals have sex with other species..’ yh.. for entirely different reasons. animal sex doesn’t register the same way it does to human brains. i just dnt understand how this isn’t something u would consider?? u probably need intense therapy and cbt to rewire ur thought/physical patterns because somewhere along the way things messed up. that happens to all of us of course no one is perfect. but for sexual attracted to extend to non humans.. is just wrong, defies your biology.. just madness. the way our biology prompts our sexual partners and such e.g. men being naturally more drawn to younger women, just does not rationalise this beastility. not to mention how hurrrrrrendous ur article is in the first place. the most void thing you’ve said to support your empty argument is that other animal abuse is accepted, so why should this be a problem??? ur fucking ridiculous haha, animal abuse should be gone point blank. stop using animals for ur own human gain just because ur sexual wires are messed up. go fix it.

    • Glen Quagmire says:

      Basically because something doesn’t make Sense to you, You dub is as Wrong lol. That’s like Dubbing Transgenders as Wrong because people don’t understand them. If people can understand them then why can’t people understand this. I mean, In a world where people Eat Animals, Are evolved From animals, it’s apparently Wrong to have intercourse with said animal. Too bad it’s already happening and people have to deal with it. It’s legal in most places after all.

  14. Glen Quagmire says:

    Personally, I don’t think Beastiality is Right nor Wrong. The Bible is basically Written by tons of people based off of what They themselves Deem “Wrong” this is what we call a NORM. When Society follows behind what they feel is right and or wrong. In this case Beastiality would be dubbed “Wrong.” God gave us Will Power and Freedom to do as we Please. Following the Bible isn’t something to really focus on as a “Taboo” – How I see it, Female Animals shouldn’t be subjected to Sex with a Man. A Male dog/horse/etc knows “Reproduction” and further more /PROBABLY/ Enjoy it. They’re just doing what they would normally do with anything else under them really. Point is, It’s up to you (Yourself) to deem it right or wrong if YOU would do it. Don’t worry about what other people do. Everyone has their kinks. We are All Animals technically, Just because we’re DUBBED as human beings doesn’t ignore the fact that we’re still Mammals. Hense how Apes evolved and yet evolution has stopped apparently. Regardless of what anyone says; We’re mammals. Horses are Mammals. Dogs are Mammals. Cats are Mammals. Deal with it. We all evolved in some form or another. If people wanna do animals then that’s their business, not yours. Worry about making money and living under a roof rather than worrying about someone who’s doing stuff with their pet dog/cat/horse/etc.

  15. Marcus says:

    People always eat meat in many countries. Do animals with laboratory tests ; torture and kill animals to remove their skin and make skin clothes. I see no difference between those who have sex with animals and those who wear fur clothes or eat meat or drink milk from cows confined to give milk or animal products . A man can have sexual pleasure with a dog or horse , and can eat meat? There’s no difference.

  16. Teena says:

    Not all bestiality is bad. Especially when its main component is mutual love, when even the one that doesn’t speak words makes their feelings obvious.

    The mare I met was in no way in danger, bound, or injured. She and I were inseparable. She’d always walk towards me when I called for her, even when she was a football fields’ length away. She loved me. She was protective of me and got jealous when she saw me around other horses. She, in no way, was a normal horse. She was more human than anyone in my herd. She had a mind of her own, a full span of emotions, and a way of easily showing how she felt 24/7. I never understood anyone or anything like I understood her. I miss my Athena. She knew me.

    Also, I can safely say that I’m one of the 4% that have never and will never assault a human OR animal without their okay.

    ….I wish I could see her again…. she was moved and boarded to a different ranch because she wasn’t being ridden as often as the owner liked.

  17. Bob Dine says:


    IRISH DUDE: Hey ol’ bessie!
    SHEEP: Baaaa!

  18. Anonymous says:

    I think beastiality isnt wrong because humans and animals are the same. we are all animals/mammals however you want to say it. but my point is animals rape there own and other species. I have a friend and he has a bunny and that bunny rapes his baby kitten all the time. plus dogs have sex with other dogs whenever they feel like it. Aswell eating them is far worse then having intercourse with them. If beastiality is wrong then so is eating animals.

  19. surreyprofessional says:

    How disgusting you are. I hope you die.

  20. surreyprofessional says:

    Bestiality is a sin against the bible.

  21. Anonymous says:

    The only reason some people are disgusted by bestiality is because they think way to high of the human race and see the animal race ‘humans’ as above all others. You will see many different species having sex with each other without it being rape or unethical, the only difference is that they don’t do moral judgement like we humans with a narrow minded living in a herd/sheep society indoctrinated with moral systems and forced through fear of social control.
    I dare you to think outside of the society box – if it ever happens, you will see that you are still human, kind, with moral and the ability to love and care for others.

    • Diogo says:

      males are aggressive. they have lots of sexual energy and libido. This is not sexual construction, that’s biochemistry. Males look for bestiality. This sexual practice is part of the male human instinct. Man also uses animals to satisfy his libido. There’s nothing wrong. In nature there is pedophilia, incest, rape. Humans are unbalanced. They do not know how to deal with the natural issues of their own instinct.

      • Fullmetal0Thunder says:

        If you mean all males then you’re sexist. I’ve seen docile males. Besides I’m female and I’m aggressive. Explain that, sexist.

    • Green says:

      Or maybe we are against it because animals can’t fully process what is going on. I post a link on why it’s wrong. Check it out in my other replies on here.

  22. Vincent says:

    I can’t believe I’m even replying to such a post. Okay, I’ll agree with bestiality when one of the animals leaves a post giving their position on the subject. Hmm….no post? Well I guess that’s what really separates us from them. Maybe humans are suppose to be the caretakers of all living things…..except when we act like animals.

    • Santi Tafarella says:

      My guess is that eating animals is not intuitively repugnant because it serves our survival from an evolutionary standpoint (evolution rewards the behavior), whereas sex among siblings or with animals clearly reduces or brings to zero the prospects that we’ll leave healthy offspring to future generations, and so it is taboo and intuitively repugnant. That’s not all that is at work here, but I’d say it’s a part.

      • Vincent says:

        Hi, I think you expressed the proper view that bestiality is “intuitively repugnant.” I take this to mean it is offensive to the intrinsic aspects of all human nature.

      • Diogo says:

        With today’s technologies, there is no need for man to feed on animals. The proteins produced by the food industry are enough for our food.

    • Fullmetal0Thunder says:

      Wolves don’t act like that. Stop comparing animal behavior to bad behavior.
      And it’s funny how you say that when humans are omnivores, meaning they also eat MEAT.
      And by the way, humans ARE animals. They’re not plants.

  23. Niklas says:

    Animal sex makes for the oppesite of our purpose; to mate with people to survive and make stronger people..

    Where animal rape/zoophilia is an mental illness that only contribute with origin of STD, miscarriage, handicaps, endangering animal population by chance, a felony, contaminate meat for markets and increase in injury and mortality rate and a crime against nature..

  24. Fullmetal0Thunder says:

    I’ve seen a lot of women who were into sexual abuse towards animals. Not just men.

    • Diogo says:

      What does aggressiveness mean? Women are different from men. I did not say women are defenseless. Men are aggressive, violent. Testosterone. This does not mean sexism. Sexism: man imposes superiority against woman. Men and Women have the same civil rights. But men and women are different. Do not be stupid. I will not waste my time arguing with an idiotic Marxist communist left-wing woman. Tola

    • Diogo says:

      ”I’m female and I’m aggressive.” So have you ever killed anyone? Already raped? Have you ever slit? Stupid. Feminist ill. Does your mother know you’re practicing bestiality? Feminist and zoophilic does not match.

  25. Gary says:

    Animals are objects and I believe they should be treated well. As far as an animal being unable to give technical verbal consent- who cares? It’s nothing like pedoism because they aren’t children. All animals have sex for pleasure. We force animals to have sex with each other all the time. If an animal doesn’t want sex it will be fairly obvious. The fact is, like humans- a dog or a horse has thick clusters of nerves in there genitals and stimulation in a comfortable setting feels good to them the same as it does for us. My dog has an 8 inch penis and he wants to stick it in my wife. It makes him happy the same way a belly rub or a piece of steak does. If bestiality disturbs you then don’t do it, problem solved. I used to have a husky and when she would get in heat her lips would swell up and she would rub that thing all over you. As long as you arent hurting the animal, binding it etc it’s not bad. It’s culturally shocking and many people find it disgusting but I don’t like pineapple on pizza but I wouldn’t call the cops if I heard that my neighbor did. Live and let live. Animals don’t view sex as some deep, emotionally complex thing. Your horny dog isn’t confused and emotionally dysfunctional after you romp it. You do you and I’ll do my dog 😉

  26. Daniel says:

    I think if u look at risks of HIV/aids infection no matter the risks of getting other infections from animals,if action is protected you can do it with animals because with aids even if its protected u can acquire it.so let it be

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  28. I think the point that everyone is missing is that it doesn’t matter. None of it matters. People are born, they fuck what they want, then they die. Who are we to judge someone because of their attraction to animals? It doesn’t matter either way. The only morality we hold is social, therefore there is no morality. If morals change as society evolves then morals don’t exist, only social norms.

    Born. Fuck. Die.

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  30. Green says:

    Those stuff is for survival plus all of that doesn’t justify having sex with animals. This is why it’s wrong https://stopbestiality.wordpress.com/

  31. Stan says:

    Readily available but you watch 2 others fucking so how is that any fun for yourself and your hands by yourself watching those films i use to.

    I wouldn’t think or believe its the time for jesus because id don’t believe in all that stuff nor the bible much I’ve got a turd pile to say on about the good beastiality or the good zoo fuckers out there.

    What i can say is as Long as Gays are allowed they’re wrong doing acts the beastiality people are allowed there’s besides what law or court says or other people because those other people made the laws up they chose what they wanted to be legal and what they wanted to be illegal for us people and they want beastiality and zoo fucking stuff to be illegal to do and i don’t agree with them as the books they all read in church says. They all believe in they’re bibles but allow gays giving gays rights while they shit on the people that fuck animals because in they’re books is the same act but is better if your a female fucking a Male animal or a Male fucking a female animal then your not gay or breaking any rule in the books i do not go by those backwards people’s laws that they made up i go by the bibles laws that they do not go by if they did queers couldn’t get married or have ass sex or pussy to pussy sex.

    I’ve written this so many times it always gets deleted because i am right about the rules in those books and the sex with animals people hate seeing the truth and they don’t want others to see it or know it either i know it they all need to and the ones who banned beastiality acts with animals needs to know what they did was wrong the animal fuckers aren’t wrong unless they’re fucking them in the butt or are abusing them by hitting or kicking them sex with them isn’t abusive unless you’re forcing the animals.

    I’ve had really good dreams of me fucking female cows best dreams I’ve had and it was good to and i wasn’t even thinking about or of any cows before going to sleep that night so it wasn’t my mind making pictures up while i was sleeping so how’s that happen it was great and id like to have that dream again.

    One thing all our United states need to do is un-ban beastiality in all the states and make it legal to do as gays are allowed to fuck each other up the asshole while the bible says thats not ok to do i read alot and know what the real rules are they who control the laws don’t know or perhaps they don’t care.

    Sticking with a female animal sex partner is the safest and healthiest thing more people should start doing it will definently lower the amount of humans in the world we don’t need more of those plus will lower the spread of stds and stis in humans

    They say zoo fuckers get penis cancer but i believe they get it from fucking a bunch of different animals and of the same sex men in the ass and male animals in the ass is what i think and believe on those old studies i read off of Google they’re problem is they don’t know how to stay with only one sex partner rather it be a human or a animal and thats how

    • Diego says:

      Is eating meat and using animals for entertainment (horseback riding, oxen rodeo, sport fishing) allowed? Why can’t we use animals for sexual entertainment? I don’t mind sticking my penis in my anus or pussy, whatever. There are numerous zoophilia sites that have never been banned. Why didn’t they remove these sites? We know that zoophilia also generates millions of dollars for Internet browser owners.

      I know the ban exists because many animals are killed and even tortured by sadistic and evil men. But most men who practice zoophilia are not sadists; they just want to have fun and feel sexual pleasure. I like sadism. But, I know I can’t hurt an animal. Unfortunately, bad men do exist. Therefore, laws must exist to protect animals. Men will not stop practicing zoophilia. Never. No law will be able to put an end to all this. Zoophilia (and other illegal perversions) is very tasty. Males human have wild sexual instinct.

      Gays are also men and they also practice zoophilia a lot. Most profiles on zoophilia sites are male and homosexual/bisexual. Almost all men who practice zoophilia (and other illegal perversions) are homosexual or bisexual.

  32. Bible says beastiality is ok says:

    I wish my state would legalize beastiality they allow faggots to fuck each other and get married goddamn the decision makers and courts crooked fucked up backwards mother fuckers they are they need to walk off a cliff choosing what they want to be legal as they did with the gays shit pisses me off.

    Yes yes yes I’d fuck a 4 legged animal any day over a humans stinky pussy thats full of hidden sex diseases because animal pussy doesn’t stink like rot like a humans does.

  33. Evelyn Stone says:

    Complete W

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