Should Muslims Eat Cut Tomatoes That Reveal A Cross?


This is kind of disturbing. Tomatoes, because they reveal a cross on being sliced open in a particular way, have drawn the attention of a Muslim group that is now calling for Muslims to avoid cutting them open in such a way as to reveal that cross. Still others, it seems, are promoting a ban on the vegi-fruit. (Which is it, by the way?)

This is what happens, I suppose, when you reject the Enlightenment.

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7 Responses to Should Muslims Eat Cut Tomatoes That Reveal A Cross?

  1. What difference does it make if they cut it a different way? The “cross” is still in there. What about cruciferous vegetables? Do they not eat those?

  2. Iain McMahon says:

    Clearly the tomato needs to have a wrestling match with the baby to see which God is stronger.

    Talk about insanity. Do they avoid walking through forests where fallen trees lie across each other in a cross shape? Or avoid looking at power poles where the wires intersect the upright support in the form of a cross? Or make sure that their fingers remain splayed and that their hands never intersect lest the form a cross with their own bodies?

    Regarding the baby, I can think of three possible explanations off the top of my head and none of them involve Allah.

    Such is life.

    p.s. the tomato is a fruit as it is basically the ovary of the plant.

  3. Betul Yilmaz says:

    Such an idiocy indeed though such dumb hullabaloo is also true for any kind of systematic creeds 😀

  4. J. A. Le Fevre says:

    The problem is people allowed their own ideas rather than forced into a single orthadoxy. That way we would all make the same mistakes, and not get to laugh at those who make somewhat unique ones like this.
    Face it, people make silly decisions, some with the flavor of religion. It has allways been that way, from long before the invention of religion (except for the ‘flavor’ part).

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  6. The more more I understand about the world the less I understand about it. We can blast rockets into space but we have people who think they shouldn’t eat cross shaped tomatoes. lol

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