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Want to Think Clearly and Creatively?

Get some sleep. This today at the Daily Beast: When a person lies down to sleep at night, the brain undergoes a process that is crucial to learning, memory, and performance in ways that scientists are only now beginning to … Continue reading

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The Atlas Shrugged Ticket: Conservative David Frum Says Paul Ryan, on Balance, is a Minus for Romney’s Campaign

Why does he say that? Because in picking the Ayn Rand enthusiast and millionaire Paul Ryan, Romney has transformed a campaign about jobs and growth into a campaign about entitlements and Medicare. Romney will now have to spend the next … Continue reading

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Paul Ryan’s Ayn Rand Problem: Not Atheism, but Selfishness

Paul Ryan, as is well known, has recently attempted to distance himself from Ayn Rand’s influence on his thought, most specifically her atheism, but if he becomes Mitt Romney’s running mate, it’s not Rand’s atheism, but her advocacy of selfishness–one … Continue reading

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