Mars Rover Curiosity: The Fruits are about to Ensue

According to a NASA press conference yesterday, Curiosity’s “brain transplant” (software update) was successful and the rover may start driving within the week. But the foreplay is going to be very slow-going as it was also emphasized by one of the lead scientists that:

The science and operations teams are evaluating several potential routes that would take us to Mount Sharp, with perhaps a few waypoints to inspect some of the different terrains we’ve identified as we map the landing area. As we have reported many times before, it’s going to take us a good part of our first year to make it to the layered sediments on Mount Sharp.


Here’s physicist Lawrence Krauss:

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2 Responses to Mars Rover Curiosity: The Fruits are about to Ensue

  1. mhasegawa says:

    I am so happy that you are following Curiosity on your blog. I love all the space travel missions.

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