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This Must Have Taken Some Time

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Paul Ryan Requests Obama Stimulus Funds Five Times, Then Lies About It

Can we say hypocrisy? What else is Paul Ryan lying about? This is in the Boston Globe today: After seeking millions of dollars from a federal stimulus program he opposed on grounds it would not help the economy, Republican vice … Continue reading

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Is Evolution Not Just True, But Good (Something To Be Embraced)?

Jared Burton has written a beautiful and soulful folk song capturing humanity’s uncomfortable and ambivalent relationship to evolution. I find the lyrics emotionally and intellectually challenging. But I can’t decide if I agree or not with the orientation to Nature … Continue reading

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Can Mitt Romney Win the Presidency Without Carrying Florida And Ohio?

Probably not. And the Los Angeles Times says this about a poll that has him behind pretty dramatically in both: Obama leads Romney among likely voters 51%-45% in Florida and 50%-44% in Ohio, according to the poll by Quinnipiac University, the New York Times and CBS News. The poll … Continue reading

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