Florida Reality Check: Who’s Winning the Vouchercare vs. Medicare Debate?

Um, the Democrats.

Here is the New York Times this weekend:

The latest New York Times/CBS News poll, conducted over the last week, found that Mr. Obama held an advantage over Mr. Romney on the question of who would do a better job of handling Medicare.

If Bill Clinton camps out in Florida through election day, it’s hard to see how the Romney campaign effectively counters this. Who do you suppose the majority of voters will trust on Vouchercare vs. Medicare come election day: Bill Clinton or Paul Ryan?

Bill Clinton is Barack Obama’s not-so-secret weapon for winning Florida. Here’s the Times again:

In the Times/CBS poll, more than three-quarters of voters favored keeping Medicare the way it is rather than switching to a system like the one backed by Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan. . . .

Democrats focused heavily on Medicare at their convention and have kept up the assault since then. Last weekend in Kissimmee, Fla., Mr. Obama spoke of Republican plans for “voucherizing Medicare,” while Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. says Republicans will institute “vouchercare.”

And Paul Ryan looks increasingly like Mitt Romney’s albatross:

[S]oon, strategists say, Democrats will buttress their Medicare message by charging that a Romney-Ryan administration could also seek to alter Social Security, the other popular entitlement program. They will point out Mr. Ryan’s support in 2005 for President George W. Bush’s proposal to allow workers to divert Social Security payroll taxes into private accounts, a plan that flopped even though Republicans controlled both houses of Congress.

And this is telling:

For now, the Romney campaign has stopped running advertisements attacking Mr. Obama on Medicare.

Obviously, the Romney campaign’s strategy of taking on Medicare headlong is backfiring, and now they would like to change the subject. Except they can’t. Democrats won’t let them.


I can’t help but wonder if the following stanza from Coleridge’s famous poem, “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner,” is for the Republican Party this year:

Under the water it rumbled on,

Still louder and more dread:

It reached the ship, it split the bay;

The ship went down like lead.

About Santi Tafarella

I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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