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Former Republican Navy Secretary, Jim Webb: Vietnam veterans “are owed, if nothing else, at least a mention, some word of thanks and respect, when a presidential candidate who is their generational peer makes a speech accepting his party’s nomination to be commander-in-chief. And they are owed much more than that — a guarantee that we will never betray the commitment that we made to them and to their loved ones.”

Jim Webb’s devastating retort to Mitt Romney’s 47% comment: Governor Romney and I are about the same age. Like millions of others in our generation, we came to adulthood facing the harsh realities of the Vietnam War. 2.7 million in … Continue reading

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The Bottom Line for Mitt Romney After “4-7”

Mike Lux, at The Democratic Strategist, provides it. Romney is in a world of hurt, primarily because of the way he has defined himself philosophically and values-wise to the American people. He has lost the essential debate in this race, … Continue reading

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Obama Pivots

From this ad, I think it’s pretty obvious that Obama is moving away from just winning, and is now seeking a mandate. Romney is damaged goods. Obama doesn’t need to go after him anymore. He can now focus on a … Continue reading

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