For Optimal Fitness, Get on the Fast Train?

This was at Wired this past weekend:

[S]cience says that most recreational athletes are better off running or riding fewer miles and instead focusing on more intense efforts.

It’s called high-intensity interval training (HIIT), and its benefits have been outlined in an avalanche of scientific papers. A popular HIIT workout comes from researcher Izumi Tabata: Following a 10-minute warm-up, you alternate between 20 seconds of super-intense effort—as fast as you can go—and 10 seconds of rest, repeated for eight cycles. Including a cooldown, the whole workout takes just 20 minutes or so but is surprisingly effective.

This matches some other things I’ve read., a science website, reports that cardiovascular fitness can be improved, and the risk of diabetes reduced, by brief, high intensity workouts:

A regular high-intensity, three-minute workout has a significant effect on the body’s ability to process sugars. Research published in the open access journal BMC Endocrine Disordersshows that a brief but intense exercise session every couple of days may be the best way to cut the risk of diabetes.

According to the article:

The subjects in this trial used exercise bikes to perform a quick sprint at their highest possible intensity.

Apparently for only three minutes.

No more excuses not to exercise?

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I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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