Joe Biden Kicked Ass

Joe Biden defended the middle class and Paul Ryan often seemed befuddled when having to support his goofy math claims.


Biden has put the Dems back in the game. My bet is that the polls will reflect this over the next few days. When policies are sharply contrasted–on women’s rights, war, General Motors, Osama bin Laden, Medicare, the Supreme Court, tax cuts for the rich, Iran, etc.–it’s pretty obvious that the Republicans hold a very weak hand, and are essentially advocating a return to Bush era follies.

Next week, President Obama simply has to do what Joe Biden did tonight–let no bullshit claim by the Republican opponent go unanswered.

About Santi Tafarella

I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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8 Responses to Joe Biden Kicked Ass

  1. Sue Wood says:

    I agree. Joe did a great job. He was smart, informed, passionate and genuine. Some people feel he was rude and interrupted too much, but he did his job in curbing the mis-information. I hope Obama has the same level of energy next week.

  2. dcyates says:

    I don’t “feel” Biden was incredibly petulant and rude. I KNOW he was! Biden proved he was a total jerk and, without at the same time appearing to backdown, Ryan was smart enough to let him.
    I’m confident most — save only the most doctrinaire liberal — will also have seen it that way.

    • Santi Tafarella says:


      You know what I hear in your comment? The whine of one whose side was whooped. Gym guy Ryan couldn’t overcome a tough old Irish guy. It was schwwweeeet to watch.


      • dcyates says:

        No, “Empty Chair” Obama was “whooped” in what was the most one-sided presidential debate — probably in history! Biden was “literally — not figuratively” rude. He interrupted Ryan no less than 82 times. When this is added to the more than 30 times that the “moderator” interrupted Ryan, the saintly-by-comparison Paul Ryan had to endure being interrupted, on average, every 20 seconds.
        There may have been three people on that stage Thursday night, but there was only one adult (and he didn’t have hair plugs and ridiculous dentures, or blond hair).

      • Santi Tafarella says:

        I agree that President Obama sucked last week. He deserves to be chucked out of office if he repeats his performance in the last two debates. But Biden did exceptionally well. It was enough to make a person like me stand up and cheer.

        I don’t know why these debates have taken on so much importance. The parties offer clear choices. Ryan wouldn’t even commit to leaving Afghanistan in 2014. WTF? Who are all these swing voters with their heads up their ass who don’t know that Republicans want Leo Strauss-inspired wars ad infinitum? It seems obvious to me that voting for Romney means returning to Bush-era policies. If the majority of the electorate wants that, I’m not sure what to say. It’s a democracy; they can have it if they want. No amount of rhetoric or debate performance can save people from themselves, but if the election is so close that it can be swayed by a single debate, Obama better be tough as nails on Tuesday night.

        And who are all these people who don’t vote? They live in a democracy and can’t be bothered to get to the polls. People died for the right to vote.

  3. Luke says:

    Santi- you are a total fool. It is college professors like you (sorry – probably not a professor) who are infecting our youth with their venom. Do you give conservative students poor grades? Do you infuse your lectures with socialist doctrine? Why do the taxpayers have to support the likes of you,

  4. Luke says:

    And by the way, can you not think of something more creative to say than “Biden kicked ass” and “goofy math”? Those are just party talking points. About half of the viewers of the debate disagree with your assessment. I would think that an “intellectual” would be repulsed by Biden. He is about as anti-intellectual as it gets. He is all bombast and little more. If you like BIden, you must love Ed Schultz.

    • Santi Tafarella says:

      I do love Ed Schultz. What’s not to like about Ed Schultz? And no, I don’t grade essays based on a student’s ideology. I believe in diversity and welcome conservative opinion (and think about it). I’m actually conservative or libertarian on numerous issues.

      I’ve just drawn a different conclusion from you. I recommend to you a recent book by Jonathan Haidt titled, “The Righteous Mind.” It talks, in the light of evolutionary psychology, about the moral rectitude that both conservatives and liberals attach to their positions, and why we all do this.

      Ryan is a bit of a Gomer Pyle goofball to my reckoning, by the way. He’s obviously a rookie in foreign policy and, by last night’s performance, severely dimmed his prospects of ever being president at some later date.

      I was hoping Ryan would be asked about his Ayn Rand fandom in light of his profession of Catholic faith. Nietzsche and Jesus seem an awkward dancing couple. I wonder how he puts them together in his head.


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