God Wants Some Rapes to Result in Pregnancy?

Richard Mourdock thinks God is a monster that intends–intends–some rapes to result in pregnancy. Mitt Romney thinks Richard Mourdock would make a dandy addition to the U.S. Senate.

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I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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5 Responses to God Wants Some Rapes to Result in Pregnancy?

  1. Can’t disagree with what Richard Mourdock thinks. I mean, what do all those people out there who pray to “God” after a murder or a child abduction or other horrific act? Do they really think that their God will smack him/her/its self in the head and say “Oh yeah, I missed that one. Thanks for praying to me to bring it to my attention. Now I’ll make it right.” What idiots!!

  2. OK, meant to say “what do all those people out there think…..” But I lost the thought. What was I thinking?

    • Santi Tafarella says:

      What galls me here is that Romney simply doesn’t care what whack-a-loos land a Senate seat. He demeans the nation’s institutions at every turn–by lying, by associating with maniac Tea Party candidates, by money corruption in politics. He just doesn’t care. He’s shameless. If he wins, he’ll preside over the plastic and souless side of America, and reinforce it.

      As to turning God into a monster, this is yet another example of what happens when you are so terrified of God that you cannot question what He lets happen–then you end up placing him on the side of the evil. Much better, if you’re to believe in God, to assume God does not actually see the future, but sides always with good, as did Jesus.

      But how unlike Christ are Mourdock-Romney “Christians.”

  3. I agree with Bill. This is precisely why Christianity is dangerous. Ignoring the politics of the situation and the political suicide involved in admitting Murdock is right *under the conditions of his belief system*, Christianity can justify anything. Why? Because god is all powerful/all knowing…if god is these things then nothing can happen without his consent…so, anything that happens is his will…i’ve often wondered how religious people square this circle…they often try to use free will but that doesn’t work either because free will is granted by god with the knowledge of what it would lead to…the only way out of it is to admit that god isn’t all powerful/knowing which would mean he isn’t god

    • Santi Tafarella says:

      It’s not a pleasant solution, but I think you have to posit a god (if you’re going to believe) that is not, in fact, all knowing.

      Otherwise, God becomes a monster. And, of course, fundamentalists of every stripe do, in fact, worship a monster. They just think the monster is not, specifically, after them. They’ve somehow appeased the monster, but you and I haven’t. The monster will make it right for them, but not for you and I.

      In the meantime, they’ll try to make laws that keep people like you and I in line so that the monster doesn’t attack the country as a whole, and curse it with hurricanes and terrorist bombings, etc.

      It’s all about appeasing the monster.


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