Robert Shrum on Mitt Romney’s Unraveling

Here’s part of Robert Shrum’s take on the presidential election going into the final week:

Romney can run, but he can’t hide—from the Bain ads that are on the air again in the Midwest, from the relentless Obama focus on the choice between a candidate who stands for the middle class and a candidate who favors the 1 percent. Now he faces the prospect of explaining his 1991 testimony in a post-divorce lawsuit against the founder of Staples—which has been unsealed by a court in Boston. […]

Stuff just keeps happening to Mitt Romney. He has to flee the press to avoid answering questions about the only Senate candidate he’s made an ad for—Indiana’s Richard Mourdock, who suddenly dominated the national news with his repugnant divination that a pregnancy due to rape is “something God intended.” Romney can’t bring himself to pull the endorsement ad; he’s too afraid of his own right-wing shadow. […]

Thus the gender gap widens—and the moderate makeover unravels.  Mitt is mired in the mid-20s with Hispanics, who heard him say “illegals” should “self-deport.” […] Blue-collar workers in the Midwest can’t forgive Romney’s opposition to saving the auto industry—and they don’t trust the man from Bain. Even his lead among seniors is being eroded by his plan to replace Medicare with Vouchercare [….]

Mired in the mid-20s with Hispanics. In my view, that’s the key observation of Shrum’s here. George Bush was getting about 40% of the Hispanic vote, for Pete’s sake! Even giving Romney optimistic numbers, if the Hispanic voting gap in favor of President Obama is, say, 70-30, that’s still a 40% gap in a key demographic group.

That can’t be good for the Mittens.

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I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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13 Responses to Robert Shrum on Mitt Romney’s Unraveling

  1. icegals says:

    Regressive Rap for Holloween..
    Now I like mitt zombie, but I don’t know why
    Cuz he sure ain’t no middle class kinda guy.
    He sez he’s gonna bust my union, and blacken my eye
    Destroy the environment, darken the sky
    Escalate the war on women, and get them gays to finally go by by by.
    Yeah vote mitt zombie he’s a regressive kind of guy!

  2. dcyates says:

    Santi, I cannot believe you’re writing about some anti-Romney YouTube video featuring a third-rate economist like Robert REICH (not Robert Shrum) when you and every single other American should be, not only scandalized, but morally outraged and downright angry by the unfolding Benghazi fiasco. Brave Americans lost their lives while Obama stood and watched it all happen in real time, did nothing, went to bed, then left the next morning to go to Las Vegas for a campaign fund-raiser. And THEN he and his minions spent the next several weeks lying about it all in a sick, cynical effort to save their own political butts. It’s disgusting beyond words.

    • Santi Tafarella says:

      Where are you getting your feigned outrage–from a Fox News talking points memo? Libya has always been dangerous, but it’s getting better there, not worse since Obama assisted in getting rid of Qaddafi.

      This attack was a product of post-Qaddafi instability–a terrorist group exploiting that.

      The whole Arab Spring is nervy to watch and it carries dangers (of course), and one can always second guess the level of security at an embassy. And in the grand scheme of things, Obama is much better to have as president dealing with the Muslim world than is Romney.

      How can you not see that?


      • concerned christian says:

        Santi, can you look at the facts instead of ignoring a major tragedy by FOX NEWS. Have you watched the congressional hearing and heard what the two security personal who were in Libya said? Have you seen the mind numbing BS given by the State Department employee. Have you heard what the father of the falling hero said. The reactions of our Government to the events in Benghazi and their attempts to blame it on a video were disgusting.
        Here’s a recording of what the father of Tyrone Woods said, listen to it and don’t use the excuse that it is on a conservative radio, because if a liberal college professor does not want to hear complaints about his Messiah, imagine what WWmsmD?

  3. mhasegawa says:

    This is not Robert Shrum but Robert Reich. Otherwise I agree with you.

  4. concerned christian says:

    Sorry I have one of those laptop mouses that keep deleting and inserting words in the wrong places, sometimes I catch it in the act and sometimes I miss its mischief. This is one I missed; my first sentence should read
    Santi, can you look at the facts instead of ignoring a major tragedy by “BLAMING IT ON” FOX NEWS.

    • Santi Tafarella says:


      On the merits, you’re suggesting that we’re in a scandalous cover-up. You may be correct, but you also may not be. It certainly won’t be settled in the nine days before the election–even if conservatives would like to use it to move the polls last minute.

      If Obama is fogging the truth here, I want to know. But I would also submit that, over the next four years, we would see a lot more “Romney fog” in a Romney administration than we would see “Obama fog” in an Obama administration.

      And it’s easy to play post-game quarterback on Libya. The biggest picture is that Qaddafi is gone, and that’s in large part because Obama played his hand well.

      By the way, I recently wrote a sass of Islamic radicals in Egypt you may (or may not) want to talk to me about. It’s here:

  5. concerned christian says:

    Santi, I will try to focus on the Libyan story and hopefully I will expand on the mess in Egypt at a later time.
    In regards to Libya, What happened there was an accumulation of many disastrous decisions by this administration:
    It begins with our strategic decision that instead on confronting radical Islam and working with local dictators we will make deals with those radicals and try to get along. This happened in all the Arab Springs revolution, namely Tunisia, Egypt and Libya
    Based on this policy we withdrew our support to Mubarak and we helped in the downfall of Qaddafi. Yes he was a mad dictator but we did not know all the characters who were opposing him and NATO and the USA should have stayed out of this confusing situation instead of destroying his military and sending our future ambassador to help in Benghazi.
    Then we decided to trust the Libyan but without verifying their real intentions, we reduced our security forces on the ground and let a small American force aided by Libyans protect our people in Benghazi.
    Then our Ambassador, at least according to your most trusted news outfit “FOX NEWS :)” , went with minimum protection to Benghazi to open a school!!!
    When this previously planned attack started and people in the Consulate were pleading for help there was an order to those in the safe house including Tyrone Woods not to go to help them, which means that maybe we would have thirty Americans killed instead of four
    Tyrone Woods went anyway and helped bring to safety most of those trapped in the Consulate, sadly he and the other Seal died in the battle.
    All of that is bad enough but to try to deny these facts and blame that stupid 14 minute video created by what I call “THE KEY STONE COPtS”, is not only a blatant lie but it is also an extremely disingenuous case of “CYA” by this administration. Because they do not want to admit that their policy in the Islamic world is a failure.
    BTW Romney avoided opening this subject and any attempt by Republicans will be attacked by MSM as a bad case of dirty politics, But this story will not go away and when the truth comes out many liberals who don’t trust conservative media will be shocked!
    As for what is going on in Egypt I will post a short summary and will revisit it later because it’s even more confusing

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