Could a Virus Act Like a Religion (Inducing Zombie-Like Symptoms)?

Scientifically, it appears the answer is yes.


The above video reminds me of Daniel Dennett’s discussion of flukes:


Take, eat. This is a body?

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I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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3 Responses to Could a Virus Act Like a Religion (Inducing Zombie-Like Symptoms)?

  1. All that such a virus would have to do is make the brain susceptible to belief, but that seems to be built in from birth. Perhaps we were infected thousands of years ago?

  2. Mohsen says:

    Which virus infected your brain ?

  3. Alan says:

    While Dennett is entertaining, he is best reserved for those not offended by philosophers mimicking scientists while maliciously spreading misinformation about evolution explicitly to slander religion. Get past that, and it’s all just fun. The only useful takeaway from the full lecture (there is none in the clip posted) is that culture can appear to evolve in a fashion similar to species. A phenomenon Dawkins has tried to promote with his idea of ‘memes’.

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